Ronan Scarlet - 11 Weeks Out From My First Show. . . .

This is my first blog , it has always been something I have been interested in and I think it’s the
perfect time for me to start one as I have the ideal thing to write about ,
which is my preparation for my first bodybuilding competition which I am 11
weeks away from. I will be entering the junior class at the BNBF Welsh
championships which is a UK qualifier in Newport on July the 8th and
I can’t wait!!

In my blog I’m going to write about my progress and changes I notice to my body week by week , my training ,
diet , the way I am generally feeling during my diet and also I will post
progress pictures to monitor my progress. I am now currently weighing in at 14
stone and 5 pounds, since starting to diet at 20 weeks out when I weighed just
under 16 stone I have made good progress. However the first part of my diet, I
must admit that things didn’t go as planned as initially I intended to enter
the NABBA Wales. I soon realised it would be a better idea to focus my energy
and money into attempting to do some damage in July in a class against other
natural athletes. I soon discovered due to me being a natural athlete I did not
have the metabolism and ability to loose fat but minimal muscle as quick as I
had to as non natural athletes did and me and my mentor decided to compete on a
level playing field.





I am now 11 weeks out although this picture of my back was taken at 12 weeks out and I think I will
have made a few improvements to my back by the next time I post.


My diet is quite low in carbohydrates, I am currently eating 100g of basmati rice a day (50g in meal 2 and 50g in meal
3) and 75g of oats in my breakfast which I mix with 2 scoops of chocolate
protein which I think is a very tasty way of taking in all the nutrients I need
for my first meal in one go as I am not a huge fan of gloopy porridge. The
basics of my diet are 200g of either white fish or a lean white meat for
example turkey or chicken every meal , green vegetables , and the carbohydrates
as I’ve mentioned. As I don’t have any carbs with meals 4, 5 which solely
consist of the protein sources, greens and a teaspoon of good quality olive oil
for fats and meal 6 which I drink before bed – a scoop of casein , a scoop of
whey protein and a teaspoon of natural peanut butter. I try and get my training
done after I have eaten my first three meals so I’m full of carbs and full of
energy I will need to train hard.


My training varies from week to week which is probably a bad thing but its all I can do at the moment due to
my job, I am a door supervisor in the city centre so I work 4 nights a week
which really messes with my sleeping pattern. As a basic rule though my
attitude towards training is - the more it burns and the sorer you are the next
day, the better. So I make a big effort whatever exercise I am doing just to
hit failure and I don’t think I’ll go too far wrong. The past week my split has
consisted of Legs on Monday, chest on Tuesday Wednesday (today) I will train my
shoulders & biceps and triceps and back on Friday.


My favourite exercise that I include in the majority of sessions is: squats, deadlifts, chin ups / lat pull
downs and overhead presses. I like these exercises because they are old school
lifts which I feel give me good muscle thickness. Recently I have been laying
off legs a little as my legs are very big and I don’t want them to make my body
look disproportionate on stage so all I have been doing for legs is 6 sets of
light squats , some stiff legged deadlifts and maybe some light extensions.


I must stress that I don’t just do compound movements I do also include several isolation exercises and
really try and get as much blood into my muscles as possible by doing partial
reps and squeezing hard at the end of movements, but I do feel the old school
compound lifts play a big part in a big thick honest physique which I am going
for initially.

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