Now what should I wear?

The good old question of “what should I wear?” is usually only reserved for a night out or special occasion where you may have to look your best. It isn’t something that would usually cross your mind when chilling out at home, walking the dog or more importantly when going to the gym.


However in my opinion it is something that is very important to consider when going to the gym. This is not a statement that means going to the gym is a fashion show. I am NOT talking about wisely choosing your gym attire in order to look good!


Choosing the correct clothing for the gym can massively affect performance and allow you to lift and train at your best without any restrictions.


There are a lot of guys I see from working in the gym that will wear stupid clothing just for the sake of looking good. Gus will come to the gym in jeans and a ridiculously tight but restrictive T-shirt. Yes that may make their arms look a little bit bigger but at what cost? The restrictive tight material will apply resistance against the movements you are trying to perform so what good is that? It just makes lifting every weight harder. It will also chafe on your skin and cause irritation. When you are sweating in the gym and you have a tight T-shirt on it can become incredibly uncomfortable.


It is for this reason you should choose what you wear for the gym with function and not fashion in mind.


There are loads of good sports brands out there that do some great clothing options. Here are my favourite clothing brands and options for what to wear in the gym.




If you are weight lifting you will need flat soled shoes. If you wear running shoes to deadlift or squat then you don’t get the stability you need due to the cushioned sole. Adidas do some fantastic weight lifting shoes. If you don’t want to shell out for specialist shoes you can get some flat soled boxing boots by Lonsdale or some Otomix boots are very good.


If you are running or doing cardio then brands like Asics, Nike andReebok do some great running shoes. My personal trainers of choice for cardio are K-swiss Tubes. They are a great price and extremely good shoes.




I am a massive fan of basketball shorts for weight training. They are very light and baggy so are not restrictive at all. They are extremely comfortable and are a great material for comfort on your skin. You can get great shorts from places like foot locker. The Michael Jordan shorts are great.




This is generally where people go wrong in the gym. They will come in wearing jeans or fashionable trousers for some reason. These are ridiculous and restrictive. How can anyone squat deep in jeans? I like to wear either jogging bottoms or tracksuit bottoms. Sports direct or anywhere like that is great for both of these kinds of clothing.




When it comes to gym tops there are no brands better than specialist bodybuilding brands. They both look the part and do the job very effectively. Brands like GASP, Gorilla wear and many others provide everything you need in gym wear.


I also like the under armour range and Nike skins for wearing under gym tops to improve comfort of any material.


If you want a great range of gym clothes that are perfect for the gym and with a great brand for a great price then why not check out monster supplements gym clothing.


Their T-shirts, jogging bottoms and hoodies are perfect for the gym. They are extremely comfortable, durable, practical and they look pretty bad-ass.



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