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There is nothing better before going to the gym to psyche you up than watching some cool motivational videos. When I was younger and had a bit more time on my hands I would sit for 30 minutes before going to the gym just watching videos of bodybuilders, powerlifters and motivational speakers to psyche myself up to train. The motivation it gives you watching some of your idols train as hard as they can is unreal.


So here are a few of my favourite videos to psyche myself up for the gym.


Ronnie coleman:


Ronnie coleman is the king of training videos. No bodybuilder that I have ever seen trains like this guy. Watching him train just makes me want to emulate him and push myself to the limit.


Konstantin Konstantinovs


If im doing deadlift then there is only one man I watch. Konstantinovs holds the world record for raw deadlift and his training videos are awesome.


Arnold Schwarzenegger


being inspired by the best is never a bad thing. Arnold is a legend in so many ways so watching him train is like watching a legend being born.




Just truly inspiring.


How bad do you want success?



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