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When I take a new client on the first thing I look at is their level of motivation, what inspires them and if they have what it takes to complete a successful transformation. This is why we at FitMag value the importance of motivational stories which we can all relate to. This month's motivational story does not fail to inspire you, trust me!

When The Excuses Stop

Some stories may seem more significant than others because they tell a story during different times of a person's journey, today's story is a very SMALL part of their journey yet it signifies such a huge level of motivation to buck the trend and stop their environment controlling them.

A little storey to fill you in on.. Was at work tonight (I work at a pizza shop) and there was a mistake pizza made so it was there for all the staff to eat.. It was just me and another person working at the time and they convinced me to have a bit.. with hesitation i took a bite.. i then thought of you, so before i chewed the piece of pizza sitting in my mouth, i spat it out in the bin then decided to scrub the floors instead ) see, and you probably don't even realise the impact you have on peoples lives.. thanks a heap!

This short, slightly funny sketch is from a follower on my Facebook page, and it portrays to me an IMMENSE level of self-discipline to be able to decide NOT to eat the pizza having tasted it in all it's glory.

Would you have done the same?

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