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Motivation is half of the puzzle, without it all of the knowledge and goals are irrelevant. Even I, somebody who lives and breaths health & fitness sometimes lacks motivation - it is human nature to sometimes feel like not doing something. This is why this monthly feature on FitMag is so valuable because when intrinsic motivation stops working you require extrinsic motivation to continue.

Craig Rowlands, last month's Transformation of the Month winner completed his 12 weeks since we awarded him with the prestigious title. However, in the last week Craig went through what most others couldn't have dreamed of going through. After picking up a stomach issue Craig was losing water at such an intense rate that he had to get a Doctor out and put him on a drip. This was a huge issue because he was feeling so unwell he couldn't eat and it also meant that he was losing all of his hard work by the hour.

Never one to quit, Craig persevered and stuck to the plan best he could before completing the 84 days and getting some awesome photos! Here you can see his amazing results.

In a word, this MOTIVATED me to get my arse into gear - what about you?

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