Ladies, Hit The Weights To Bust The Fat!

Fat loss is generally the first item plucked off the menu
with my transformation clients. Whether they are male, female, young, old, a
novice or an experienced gym bunny the phrase ‘’fat loss’’ and ‘’ripped’’
normally feature under the ‘’goals’’ section of my questionnaire. With many
prejudices, myths and misconceptions floating around the media you could be
forgiven for thinking weight training is not necessary for fat loss, and that
prolonged aerobic exercise is the key to melting the fat away. Personally, I
blame the equally uninformed prats who never fail to whip up some glossy story
on why women should avoid weights and why standing on your tip toes for 47.34
seconds is the best way to burn fat – you get the picture, these BS stories you
read about are WRITTEN by pen pushers eager to manufacture a story. Ladies,
what I encourage you to do is to ERASE any kind of faddy crap you have read in
glossy mags which promise to make you drop a dress size in 21 days and the
likes of – even if it worked, and I will come back to that later on.

Today, I want to share with you exactly why I have all of my
clients using resistance training at least 3 times a week, and on occasions up
to 5 times even for my female clients.

Masculinity? Nothing To Worry About!

Guys like Arnie possess physiques which have the power to
make women flock by the dozen on beaches, and that is all because they pump
iron – which has led to the development of mountains of muscle! That means, for
a lady who desires a lean toned body they should avoid resistance training of a
similar nature. Hell NO, scrap that over crammed cardio log your gym instructor
gave you and hit the weights.

Ladies, did you know the average female body only has
between 5-10% the volume of testosterone in comparison to the male body? It is
testosterone which is largely responsible for the anabolic environment within a
man which allows for extreme levels of muscle to develop – and in some cases
the use of synthetic hormones. Therefore, unless you are using something you
shouldn’t be you are SAFE from developing Mr Olympia size muscles, trust me on
that one! Even men, with all of that testosterone racing around their body find
it a battle to add muscle mass.

Lean Mean Fat Burning Machine

OK, I accept the ‘’mean’’ doesn’t necessarily do you justice
but it sounded good!! When you use resistance training you will force a
positive adaptation within your body composition which means your lean muscle
tone will increase, whilst your body fat levels will decrease. How? Lean muscle
tone is highly metabolically active which means the more you have the more
calories your body will burn without any effort on your behalf.

Resistance training also leads to a much higher calorie
expenditure POST exercise in comparison to aerobic training which again will
lead to positive changes in your body composition.

Hormones play a huge role in body composition which goes
slightly beyond the scope of this article, however using resistance training
has a positive effect on your natural hormone levels in relation to this topic.
In contrast, prolonged aerobic exercise can have the opposite effect which
might explain why so many cardio lovers fail to achieve a body which represents
the many hours they have spent training for the last few years!

So Get On It Ladies!

As I previously mentioned, doing 3 resistance sessions a
week for around 45 minutes each will yield great results. Aim to follow a body
split where you target each muscle group once a week such as the following –

Workout 1 – chest/back

Workout 2 – Biceps/Triceps/Shoulders

Workout 3 – Legs & Abs

Top Tips To Optimising Fat Loss With Resistance Training

Keep rest
periods to 60 seconds between sets for the entire workout

Vary your
repetition ranges on a 3 week cycle

Take every
set to failure where you are using maximal effort

Don’t be
afraid to get sweaty!

Hopefully I have encouraged you to take the plunge. There is
not a SINGLE personal trainer I am friends with who doesn’t prescribe
resistance training as their main way of helping clients lose fat loss. Let me
rephrase that, a SINGLE personal trainer worth their salt. I am talking some of
the best and most expensive trainers in the world where they charge 10s of
thousands of pounds for advice – need I say anymore?

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