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You could say that having my own TV show on transformations,
having a constant stream of jaw dropping transformation before and after
pictures of my clients and been hired to train celebrities in India has skyrocketed
my profile as a ‘’transformation specialist.’’ Before I continue to make my
point, I don’t want you to misconstrue this for arrogance -  I am simply confident in what I do and my prescription
of advice, definitely not arrogant because I am certainly not ignorant to
advice of others. In fact, there isn’t a day which passes without me learning
new things which will help my clients. Back to the point, I am always asked
exactly what supplements I have my clients use during their 12 week
transformations. To an extent this is very personal for two reasons, a) they
pay me good money for the advice and b) I don’t have any ONE supplement plan
because I base it on the individuals needs as ANY top trainer should. Having said
that, there are a few supplements which will inevitably appear within all of my
clients inbox at some point during their 12 week transformation and here is
why, I RATE them HIGHLY!

Omega 3s

This may not shout GLAMOUR but trust me; Omega 3s are so underrated
and as you become more knowledgeable and experienced you begin to appreciate
these kinds of supplements more. If this was a TV show right now on how to get
ripped, half the audience would be flicking the channel because I haven’t told
you to use some magic pill.

For those of you, who are more insightful than that, stick
with me. Omega 3s are my super supplement, I have my clients popping them like
skittles!! Take note of that last bit, the dosages must be high in my opinion. The
average Omega 3 supplement will recommend around 3,000mg a day, whereas I like
to use between 5,000-10,000 a day.

Omega 3s are fantastic for two main reasons a) they promote
fat loss VERY well and b) they promote anabolism extremely well!

In short, every cell in the body has two layers of fat surrounding
it, depending on what fats you eat will determine what fats are used to
construct these two layers. Omega 3s are great because they will form very
liquid like layers around your cell meaning that nutrients are able to be
absorbed very easily into the muscle cell. As a result there is less chance of
glucose staying in the blood and being converted into body fat, and there is a higher
chance of the nutrients reaching the muscle!

In relation to anabolism Omega 3s act as the building blocks
of testosterone and I have personally seen the great effects they can have. From
using high dosage myself my forearms have become as dry as stone.


Again, not the most out there supplement you will ever hear
about. BCAAs are the building blocks to your muscles as far as I am concerned
and to build some serious muscle mass we need to use them in HIGH dosages. With
the average recommended dosages sitting at around 5-6g before and after your
workouts, I will go against the grain. Personally, I will use 15g before
training, 10g during and another 15g afterwards! Yes, that many!

BCAAs provide the body with essential amino acids which it
cannot manufacture itself, and in high enough dosages I believe them to be one
of the BEST supplements for building size. Always use a BCAA product rich in
leucine, preferably at a 3-1-1 or 4-1-1- ratio if possible.


Described as the most abundant amino acid within the human
body, L-glutamine is a supplement I like all of my clients to use around their
cardio and weight sessions. Dosages will range between 5-10g each time
depending on the goal, weight of the client and current condition.

The reason for my love towards L-glutamine is simply because
I have found through numerous trials with the application of it that it really
helps with muscle maintenance and muscle fullness. More than that, it helps
draw nutrients into the muscle acting as a very effective transportation

That concludes 3 of my top supplements which you will find
in 99% of my clients supplement stacks.

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