Is It Your Right To Stay Healthy?

FitMag has become the place to go to when you need information on nutrition, training, supplementation or even motivation from others who have walked the walk you are about to go on. That is the beautiful thing about this industry, people are always there to help one another achieve their goals and as the editor of FitMag it makes me very proud. Due to this almost unique sense of community within our industry we tend to stand up together for what we believe in and this hasn’t changed at all, even when the Government try to pull us down. For those of you who are unaware I wanted to take a moment of your time to reach out to you and gain your support in our campaign to a healthier nation.

Every time a new Budget is released there is a percentage of the country that kick off because they are displeased with the consequences of the new legislation. Up until this point in my life I really didn’t care about politics much, to me it just appeared to be one big competition to win support so you could then influence a country the way you wanted to. By the clear naivety of my previous statement you can see politics are not something I take any interest in, up until now.

The powers that be decided that the ‘’health supplement’’ industry would be an area where they would start to increase the number of items which they made ‘’vatable’’ for want of a better word. Of course, certain supplements already have VAT on them but to increase this number further is the Government’s intentions.

In a nutshell this means your supplement order will cost 20% more, which is a lot right? Sometimes in this life you have to take it on the chin and there are other times when you have to stand up say BS!!!! It isn’t the fact that my chosen lifestyle will cost me an extra 20% because the returns are infinite, better physical and mental health, sense of fulfilment and a career I love. However, what HAS hit a nerve with me is that wherever I go the Government promote healthy eating to kids, to adults and why it is so important to take care of yourself. Ironically, most of their advice is out dated by years but that is another rant for another day.

Today, I wanted to ask you a question. In an age where more and more of the population are becoming obese due to a severe lack of knowledge, poor eating habits as well as being limited by budget do you think this new attack on the health industry is appropriate? Especially when you can head to a fast food chain and feed a family of four for under £10!?

What kind of message is this meant to send out? Staying healthy and in shape is only for those who can afford it? Yet by the same token it is still legal to smoke in public - please excuse me if you I tell you to get that cigarette the hell away from me in the street but WHY should we be penalised for being healthy?

They really haven’t thought this one through, and in regards to affecting an industry it could have catastrophic effects. Commercial gym chains were one of the hardest hit businesses during the recession and they make a lot of their sales through supplements. More importantly their clients use supplements to enhance their health and accelerate their body composition results.

Don’t think this is only applicable to us who aim to build mountains of muscle, NO! Anybody who understands the benefits of Omega 3s, Multi Vitamins, minerals, healthy meal replacements will all be affected.

Personally I would rather utilise my energy and your brain space to write something educational on FitMag. However, with my strong beliefs against this new Budget something had to be said. No, something has to be DONE!


If you like thousands of others across the UK believe that this is wrong (which I would imagine you do if you are reading FitMag) then PLEASE take 10 seconds to electronically sign this online petition. If we can spur a movement which will gain followers in the 6 figure region we have a chance of making our Government see sense – for once.

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