FitMag's First 12 Months - Top 10 Interviews!

It was exactly 12 months ago, 365 days and 8,760 hours ago
that FitMag officially launched – and in such a short space of time it has
GROWN! With a brief to create an online resource for which
would give back to our customers and help educate them to improve their results
we set out a game plan. In essence, it was simply to get the BEST of the BEST
on our site. So have we managed to achieve that? Well, we will let you decide
as we recap over some of the highlights of FitMag’s first year with our top 10

Yeah Buddy, 8 Times Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman

FitMag was able to arrange a monthly Q&A with Ronnie Coleman,
arguably the best bodybuilder to ever live. During his interview he shared his amazing
story where he had 21’’ arms 21 years old as a natural athlete!! Ronnie also
went on to educate us about his training and diet principles – and of course,
his brand new RC Signature Series which sells.

Super Mariusz, 5 Times World Strong Man Champion Mariusz Pudzianowski

Just like Ronnie, Mariusz does a monthly Q&A with FitMag
in conjunction with his proud sponsors Olimp Sport Nutrition – their products
are also available on We are very lucky to have Mariusz
on FitMag because having conquered the WSM stage he has moved on to become king
of the cage in and build a career as an elite caged fighter.

Former WWE SuperStar, 2 Times Olympic Gold Medallist and Current TNA
Impact SuperStar – Kurt Angle!

To really show off FitMag managed to arrange a very good
interview with Kurt Angle, a global superstar on several levels. Best known for
his 2 Gold Medals at the 1996 Summer Olympics and professional wrestling career
on TV, Kurt shared his amazing story with us and covered the importance of
staying healthy throughout his career.

Yoda Knows All – Neil Hill Official Gaspari Nutritionist & Trainer
to elite athletes and Stars!

Neil Hill is widely regarded as one of the very best
trainers and nutritionists in the world – having built a name for himself as a
professional bodybuilder Neil turned his hand to help others, most notably the
likes of Flex Lewis, Zack Khan, Hidetada Yamagishi and Brandon Curry. In our
interview with Neil, the founder of the revolutionary training system Y3T – we were
able to learn so many great tips on nutrition, training and supplementation.

‘’Europe’s Best Personal Trainer’’ – Men’s Fitness Magazine, Nick

Nick is a great guy and has forged himself a global image as
a top personal trainer having worked with many celebrities including Peter
Andre. In Nick’s interview he was able to share some very interesting concepts
which he practises which some would say go against the grain, yet how can you
argue with a man with 21’’? Both logically and physically!

One customer was lucky enough to win
a 1-2-1 with Nick at his gym in Mayfair London, which would normally cost you
£240 for one hour!

Ultimate Performance Head of Education – Phil Learney

Phil Learney is a powerlifter, but beyond that he is one of
the most highly regarded trainers in the world and works for Nick Mitchell at
Ultimate Performance. It was very interesting interviewing Phil with FitMag
because he was able to go into such depth of specific topics which is always
nice to learn about.

Global Fitness Model SuperStar – Rob Riches

Rob Riches is idolised by thousands across the globe, he is
that guy who can drop a status update on any social media site and gain hundreds,
even thousands of responses within a matter of minutes. It took a little while
to nail this interview due to Rob’s schedule, but when we did publish the interview
the response was incredible.

Zee Shredded Diesel Baby!

When you are head hunted by the likes of Timbaland, Justin
Timberlake, Nelly Furtado and now Leonardo Dicaprio you must be something
right! We managed to catch up with Zee last year who taught us a lot about
training, nutrition and some of his secrets.

Zack ‘King’ Khan!

It isn’t every day you get to interview a dude with 24’’
arms - Zack is a great professional bodybuilder who has lots of knowledge to
share. When this guy steps on the Mr Olympia stage which is inevitable I think
he could really do some damage!

Tyrone Swaray

Recently FitMag interviewed British 100M Olympic hopeful who
already has a 9.98 PB under his belt. This was a completely new insight into
training and nutrition for us, with Tyrone heavily out eating a Mr Olympia with
10,000-12,000 calories a day AND training 8 hours a day – oh ye, and he can
squat 255kg!  

There are just a handful of the interviews FitMag conducted
in its first year, and they were our top picks! The profile of the people we
interview is always very high, this way we ensure that the information we share
with you is the very best! Here is to the second year of FitMag, bigger and

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