FitMag Interview British Olympic Hopeful- Tyrone Swaray! Sprint This Way. . . .

Ladies and gents may introduce one of the fastest men alive today –
Tyrone Swaray! As we head into the 2012 Olympic Games FitMag wanted to catch up
with some of the elite athletes looking to represent team GB. After much
research, it would appear Mr Swaray looks like a very likely contender to
qualify for the 100M Men’s this year in his home city, London. After hearing
whispers that he has the potential to top his already Bugatti like 9.98 PB we
had to talk to the man himself.

After spending over an hour chatting with Tyrone I quickly realised
this guy was somebody to watch out for this year, he really is totally
committed to being the best sprinter in the world – something which may sound
‘’easy’’ to say until you read about his taxing regime.

Tyrone thank you very much for joining us on FitMag we are
so pleased to have this interview with you mate!

No worries, it is an absolute pleasure Adam.

Right, the first topic I wanted to cover was training with
you. Most of our interviews are with strength or physique athletes – how
significant is strength training in your regime?

Strength training is the core for all of the elite sprinters in the
world! To enable us to accelerate up to speeds in the region of 26-27 mph
within the first 20M our muscles need to generate immense levels of power, as
well as withstand the stress of this type of exercise.

To put into perspective the stress out bodies are under during that
100M sprint, every stride we take places anywhere between 9-12 times our body
weight on each foot! That is an awful lot of power travelling through the
joints and muscle – so we need to make sure our muscles are conditioned
properly and strength training plays a large part in this.

Unbelievable! So what kind of strength do you do?

The basic exercises – squats, front squats, clean & press, bench
press and I will also do some antagonist muscle group training occasionally for

If we were able to do a biopsy on you I would guess your
fast twitch muscle fibre mass would be off the charts! Are you strong?

Funnily enough I did have some tests done in a University and my body
is basically designed for anaerobic short bursts. In the past I was squatting
255kg for 5 reps with great comfort, now I stick to around 225kg for 5 sets of

So YES, you are bloody strong! What other training protocols
do you employ, and what kind of volume of training do you do on a weekly basis?

Plyometrics are something I use a lot, they are essential! For example,
on the treadmill I will do sprint sessions with weights attached to my legs!

Of course, I spend a lot time working my core as well which is
essential for sprinting.

Every week I will train 5 days of the week, 8 hours per day with two
four hour sessions!

Initially I thought I misheard Tyrone, I needed confirmation
about 11 times before I grasped the fact this guy trains for 8 hours a DAY!
Think about that, at an anaerobic intensity as well. I would never have guessed
you trained your abs judging by that photo!! It must feel amazing being able to
run fast enough to get a speeding ticket!

Moving on to diet, I am guessing you eat a little bit more
than most with that kind of training volume. What kind of diet do you follow
and why?

Exactly! Nutrition is essential and I know my body so well now I
understand exactly what it needs.

I will eat up to 2,000g of complex carbohydrates per day (8,000
calories from carbs!) and up to 500g of protein per day (2,000 calories from
protein!) and I will usually keep my fats pretty low.

When you consider the intensity I train at, and for how long my body
absolutely needs this amount of food otherwise I will lose muscle (become

My main carb sources will be oats, rice, pasta, potato, sweet potato
and after my sessions I will usually have 2 high sugar energy drinks mixed
along with a protein shake.

Hydration is also essential for me to the point I will drink 1.5 litres
of water during the middle of night.

Gosh, you do eat A LOT!! That is incredible commitment mate,
very inspiring for our readers I am sure. Even with all this food, you look
seriously lean - What kind of body fat percentage are you?

Thank you! I was around 9% but my Doctor advised me I would be able to
perform better at around 14% which is about where I am now.

I am guessing you do not allow yourself to miss any meals. How
important is eating the right food and being consistent with it on a day to day
basis for ANY athlete looking to achieve greatness?

I never miss meals, ever. For any of you guys reading this who want to
progress as an athlete, whatever your discipline I would recommend getting your
diet right and never skipping meals – ever!

In relation to supplements, how important are they to your
regime and what do you use?

Supplements are extremely important to me, particularly helping me
recover properly from my intense training schedule. Whey protein, BCAAs, multi
vitamins and joint care supplements all feature in my programme.

So what is the ultimate dream?

To be the best sprinter in the world! With the way my training and
preparation is going I am feeling very confident in qualifying for the Olympic
Games, and doing well there. Recently some top people from this sport watched
me train and they said I looked good for 9.6-9.7 down the 100M!

This isn’t me claiming I am something I am not, I truly believe I can
make this happen with the right preparation and my training results are showing
my progress.

Tyrone, I want to thank you for a very insightful interview
– this was a real eye opener for us all! From all the team at & FitMag may I wish you the very best of luck at the
Olympics this year and we will all be shouting for you!

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