Craig Rowlands - How I Stayed On Track Whilst Constantly Travelling!

Dieting with limited facilities is not easy but it can be
done you just need to be creative & really look at what the supermarkets
have to offer.

Eggs are a big part of the bodybuilding diet for cutting or
bulking. So to get over this issue we have to do a little preparing.

1. You will need a large glass jar.

2. White vinegar amount dependant on what size jar you

3. Eggs!!

Boil the amount of eggs you require, allow to cool then drop
in the vinegar. Boom, there you have eggs that will keep. Granted you could not
eat 10 a day as carrying the jars would not be practical. But up to 4 would not
be an issue. If you did not require the yolks you can get a lot of egg whites
in a jar.

Rice is another big part of the majority of eating regimes
regardless if you are cutting, bulking, or just staying healthy. A great
alternative is cous cous as all you need is a kettle & there you have a
good carb source. There are so many flavours even the fussiest eater should
find one they like.

Oats, the king of breakfasts! In my opinion there is nothing
better to kick start your day and fill those muscles out. You can buy pots of
oats from most major supermarkets. They contain 50g of oats which gives you
roughly 28g of carbs with 171 kcals. I am not suggesting by a weeks’ worth as
they are overpriced for what they are just buy one. The tip is wash the pot out
and then refill with normal oats you would by. Put 50g in then boil the kettle
fill up to the line inside stir & put the cap on for 5 minutes – boom,
cooked porridge. Have that with your protein shake for breakfast nothing needed
but a kettle. In fact, mix the protein powder in with the oats for a delicious

Tuna and salmon are your friends as you can buy tins to take
with you and you can buy them anywhere. They require minimal to no prepping
& there are no worries about it going off.

Eating vegetables was my biggest problem working away I
never really cracked this one. The option I went for was bags of salad which
were surprisingly filling with a very light drizzle of dressing on. The bags
are relatively cheap and a great alternative to veg.

Nuts are also a great source of healthy fats that can be
eaten to curb hunger between meals or as part of a meal. Again zero prep

All supermarkets sell packs of cooked chicken which is very
convenient as zero prep required put it in your bag and you’re good to go.

Lastly there is a great product called Sport Kitchen QSMs.
They are awesome and all you need is a kettle. There is 289kcals in there with
34g protein, 31.4g carbs, and 0.8g saturated fat - a perfect split. As you can
see these handy pots have it all. I have tried them all but the spicy beef is
my favourite. Nutritional values were based on country chicken with pasta. But
they are almost the same in macro split.

When I worked away all week I used to prep a full day’s food
for Monday and pack them into containers. The food will keep as its only 1
working day. So Monday diet would be bang on, all you have to do then is plan
for 3.5 days as you will be back home Friday night. I am not saying it’s easy but
there is no excuse to revert to a poor diet. If you want to achieve results it
is a bit more difficult but by no means impossible.

In summary, plan the whole week ahead, know exactly what you
are doing & when. Situations might be thrown your way when eating a planned
meal is not possible but don't despair - take a protein shake with you.
Depending on diet requirements put some oats in there, job done!

I used to pack for my week away;

Scales (yes small digital ones £7)

Protein powder


Pickled eggs


I hope this has been of help as these ideas helped me to
maintain my 12 week transformation journey which got me into the best shape of
my life as you can see below.

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