Becoming A Champion Of The Mind with Daniel Harris!

Bodybuilding is a sport perceived by many as freakish muscle
monsters moving biblical amounts of weight. Aided by steroids they go on a
rampage leaving no barbell or dumbbell untouched. Yet it is this perception
that covers up the real majesty of this sport. Bodybuilding is pilgrimage by
the mind. Mind is everything, it’s the most powerful thing you have and without
believing with your mind you will fail. Artists think about what they want to
create and then create it, bodybuilding is art. You are the artist and the idea
you have pictured right now will manifest itself when you take control of your
mind. It's all about becoming a champion of mind.

Pretty much all bodybuilders talk about diet, weights and
cardio but it takes a special bodybuilder to put all of this second and take a
mental approach. Your mind controls your every action, thought and feeling. It
is the hub for everything you do in your life. It is also the key to
bodybuilding. Weightlifters, powerlifters and strongmen have one goal, to move
as much weight as possible. They want to move it by any means necessary
therefore they will recruit every muscle readily available to them. Bodybuilders
don't do this, or at least they shouldn't. This is where the mind becomes the
supreme key to sculpting the muscles of the body into the image you, the
artist, have in your head. The mind is linked to the muscles via complex
neurological pathways. These pathways can be controlled by training your mind
to recognise each muscle. If you think about it, it will happen. In other words
if you say in your mind, 'contract glutes, contract hamstrings', they will
contract. You just have to practice as you do with anything in life. The more
and more you build this mind muscle connection the more responsive your muscles
will be. Eventually you will have total control over which muscles contract and
be that much closer to being a better bodybuilder experiencing better workouts.

When I'm in the gym I'm not thinking I have to move all this
weight. I'm thinking about squeezing the target muscle, stretching the target
muscle, squeezing again. Every rep you use your mind to contract the muscle you
want to contract. Contract the muscle you want to grow. When I'm doing an
exercise like bent over rear delt raises, I'm targeting my rear delts. My mind
will be saying 'this is heavy, help me out lats, and help me out triceps'. But
you can't allow that to happen, you can't let other muscles join in if they are
not meant to. You may have to drop the weight. Think only about the rear delts
and let them do 100% of the work. If you don't then you may step up on stage
and have well developed lats, great developed triceps but your rear delts won't
be as developed and that's going to show, particularly next to someone who has
done it properly and has well developed rear delts. Now you have all the stress
going to the target muscle and it will grow.

The mind is your most powerful weapon and it doesn't just
work in the gym. Your mind is the key for every aspect of bodybuilding. It
makes you get up at 6am, it makes you eat every 2 hours and it makes you train
like no one else. Most importantly it makes you repeat this day, after day,
after day. And when we add up each of these single days of efficient,
consistent, worthwhile performance we create weeks and months and years. It's
those months and years where we see our goals come to fruition and it's all
down to motivation. Our mind is where we motivate ourselves and it must be set
in the right place and kept there. Set goals, be accountable to people, dream
of your desires, watch pro's. Just find a way to motivate yourself because
limitless motivation separates you from the others. Find that hunger, the
hunger to do today what others won't do, to get tomorrow what others won't
have. But you have to enjoy it. There's no point otherwise. Live your life how
you want to, the way you want to and if it is bodybuilding and it is what you
want to do then do it. Do it as best as you can. Follow your passion.

Your mind is your most powerful weapon. Look after it, train
it and use it to be the best bodybuilder you can. If you harness your mind you
will find limitless motivation, your diet will make sense and your training
will be the most efficient and effective muscle contracting, fibre flexing it
has ever been. So I urge you, give it a try. Try being more mindful and more
deliberate with everything you do. If you want to become a champion of the gym,
of your diet, of bodybuilding then you must become a champion of mind.

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