Be Consistent!

Every year, millions of people worldwide go on a ‘diet’.  And as each
year passes, the rate of obesity in the western world continues to rises.
Coincidence?  I’d say so. The problem
these days is that like everything else in life, people want to see results
fast, and with as little mental and physical effort as possible.

Most people make short-term, instead of long-term changes, and if results don’t appear over night, they give
up. Ask yourself this question...If it took you years to get the body you’ve
currently GOT, what makes you think that getting the body you WANT will only
take a couple of weeks? People fall into the trap of thinking that they must
starve themselves for a few weeks to get the body they want, when in reality,
the only thing they need to do is follow a well structured diet and training
routine CONSISTANTLY, and adapt the diet/training accordingly as time passes.
Crash diets don’t work!

If getting the ‘cover model’ look only took a couple of weeks and only required a minimal amount of effort then
we would all be flaunting a chiselled six pack and bulging biceps, but the
reality is that the small percentage of the population with physiques that the
greater population strive to achieve give 100% COMMITMENT and 100% EFFORT, 100%
of the time. It is their lifestyle. They have made little sacrifices for huge
rewards. These rewards aren’t only physical to the eye, but they also show
internally by improved health, and mentally by better wellbeing. You shouldn’t
view a diet as a short- term thing, but as a lifestyle change for the better.

There will forever be new celebrity-fad diets/supplements promising to give you the body you’ve always
wanted, but until you realise that a healthy diet does not mean starving
yourself, or counting points, or eating only fruit, or spending hours doing
endless cardio, you will only set yourself up to fail.

Follow these few points CONSISTANTLY, and results WILL follow...


  1. Plan ahead – Plan your diet for the next
  2. Eat every 2-3
  3. Eat protein
    at every meal.
  4. Include
    ‘good’ fats in several meals (Not post workout)
  5. Limit sugar
    intake to first thing in the morning and post workout.
  6. Drink plenty
    of water (Aim for a minimum of 2 Litres)
  7. Help yourself
    avoid temptation - If it’s not in your diet, don’t buy it!
  8. Limit alcohol



  1. Plan your
    training for the next week/months, ensuring progression.
  2. Train with a
    partner if it helps with motivation.
  3. Record every
  4. Stretch
    before and after each workout.
  5. Keep workouts
    to under 60 minutes.
  6. Have at least
    two rest days a week.
  7. Don’t neglect



  1. Use the mirror to track progress, not the
  2. Set
    specific and achievable goals for the next week/month/3 months.
  3. Get
    enough sleep.
  4. Ask
    for help if you need it, just be careful of who you ask.
  5. Ignore
    negative people; they are only jealous of your dedication.
  6. Enjoy what you’re doing!




‘Be CONSISTENT with what you’re doing and have the PATIENCE
to allow what you’re doing to work.’

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