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As many of know I am currently 3 weeks into my 12 week transformation, but unexpectedly I had to go away for 10 days to visit some family members. Whilst I was away I was working as usual but the difficulty was training and dieting. Sure, I packed all of my meals to go with me and I bought the rest of the food whilst I was there and I also heavily relied on protein bars and Sport Kitchen QSMs.

This brings me nicely on to my tip of the week.

As I said, my diet didn't suffer because I was prepared but my training was different because I had no access to a gym. Not one to have an excuse, I did lots of body weight circuits, HIIT workouts and some cross-fit. However, my training was not it usually is for obvious reasons so I compensated with my calorie intake.

Normally I eat 200g of complex carbohydrates per day but my calorie expenditure was not as high therefore I compensated for this and dropped my carbs to 150g per day.

This outlines my tip of the week - for all the science out there, always have the ability to apply common sense when it is needed. You will be pleased do know in 20 days I have dropped 7lbs of body fat!

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