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Although my enthusiasm may sound a little premature, I love smoothies in sunny weather. There is nothing better than hitting the patio at 6AM with a smoothie bursting with flavour and nutritional content to support your health and physique goals. Normally one to catch a cold, I cannot help but notice the amount of people around me with the sniffles. This recipe is something I put together for a client who has a poor immune system and struggles with digestion. Give it a go and see if you like it!!

2 tablespoons of vanilla pro-biotic yogurt (low fat)

100g blueberries

3 chopped strawberries

30g Goji berries

100g pineapple

1/2 glass of cranberry juice

1/2 glass of chilled water


This is a great smoothie to aid healthy digestion and immune function. Oh ye, it tastes the business too!!

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