Adam Gethin - How I Use Y3T & DTP In Synergy!

Since the first day I lifted a barbell my training style has
changed dramatically – it used to be a full body circuit every other day which I
would do like it was my religion. Today, I use a strategic blend of Y3T and DTP
training to force my body to continually progress each and every week. Via
FitMag and my fan page (
I am constantly asked about my application of these two unforgiving yet extremely
effective training systems. So here it is my training split and how I tie in
the two of the very best workout systems in together.

My training split

Monday Back

Chest & Biceps


Shoulders & Triceps

Legs & Calves

Week 1

The first week of my training cycle always focusses on low
repetitions with heavy weight – I utilise this week to stimulate myofibrillar
hypertrophy leading to enhanced STRENGTH and denser muscle fibres.

Whilst strength isn’t necessarily linear to muscle size I am
a firm believer that increasing strength with low repetition training will
allow you to train harder with heavier weight when you do higher repetitions.

However, I never ever sacrifice strength for form because
only when you use correct form will you maximise motor unit recruitment and
muscle fibre recruitment. Remember the muscle must always remain stimulate during
the concentric contraction, isometric contraction and eccentric. Don’t ever
lose sight of this, keep those target muscle fibres engaged at all times.

As with every week of my training cycle I use rest/pause to
go beyond failure and once I fail with this I then use a training partner to
spot me and them in some instances partial repetitions. Remember, this this MY
personal application.

Week 2

The second week of my training cycle starts with an instant
increase in repetitions per set to change the emphasis of the workouts. Instead,
there is greater stress placed upon the slow twitch muscle fibres yet it is not

Again the form remains extremely tight, this is never
compromised due to the safety of my body AND the fact I want the full effect. I
will also use rest/pause and forced reps in week 2 to ensure the effort exerted
by the target muscle is maximised.

My exercise selection remains much the same, however I will
utilise more isolation exercises alongside compound movements to place additional
stress upon the muscle I am trying to breakdown effectively.

Week 3

My personal favourite week is the third and final week of my
training cycle. The repetition range grows to new heights, in some cases as
high as 100 for legs and around 30 for my upper body.

My exercise selection alternates every training cycle and
body part, it is completely sporadic. For me, the third week is particularly challenging
simply because I am genetically more able to train in an anaerobic state as
where very high repetition training requires immense levels of muscular endurance.
This is something I am not gifted with, but I work hard at it!

The beauty of week 3 is that it really taps into your slow
twitch muscle fibre population and forces volumes of blood into the working
muscle which can only be described as monstrous!! The stretch this causes on
the fascia is exceptional which allows stubborn muscle groups to develop


As most of you know, DTP follows a simple repetition
application –

50,40,30,20,10,5,5,10,20,30,40,50 and as you decrease the
reps you increase the weight, and vice versa as you climb back up the
repetition ranges.

I implement DTP into my week 3 for specific body parts which
I feel need to improve – shoulders respond well to DTP for me as do my arms. Legs
are another body part I will sometimes tear to pieces with DTP although the
week 3 Y3T workouts are immensely productive for me.

My usual application of DTP with Y3T is sporadic; I use DTP
to completely shock the muscle during week 3. Personally, I find isolation
exercises on chest with DTP are better than compound due to the fact that my triceps
and deltoids become too involved with pressing. This is the same with my back training;
straight arm rows are a great option opposed to pulldowns because the biceps
and forearms become so pumped in my experience.

Combining Y3T and DTP is the best thing you can do in my
opinion for rapid changes in body composition and muscle size. I am also a lot
healthier as a person since I have cycle my training in this fashion, this truly
is the future in training protocol!

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  • Adam Skold
    May 11, 2012 Adam Skold

    Hi Adam!
    Just wondering about the DTP/y3t trainingprogram. Can you give an example of a three week period with excersises sets and reps?:) it would really help me out because I'm kind of confused with the training program:) thanks 4 an inspiring article!

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