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As well as doing fitmag I also work as a personal trainer in a gym in London. Through doing this job I get to meet all different types of people. I absolutely love the job just because of that aspect. I like meeting people with different goals, aspirations, fitness levels, personalities and body types. The mix of people I both meet and train is huge and it gives me a great insight into different training mentalities.

I have some clients who are extremely determined to achieve their goals. One of my clients called Chris has at one time in his life weighed 32 stones. I started training with him at near 17 stone. In the last 8 weeks he has lost 2 stone as well as increasing his deadlift from 40kg to 120kg, his standing shoulder press from 15kg to 40kg for reps and his fitness level has gone through the roof. He can now run 4km in under 30 minutes pretty easily. All of this is because of one thing… He doesn’t make excuses!! No matter what I can rely on him to turn up to a training session. He has come to the gym after 1 hours sleep before and trained his heart out. If he is feeling tired, ill, demotivated or even if he has an important event to go to, he will still come to the gym. This is what it takes to achieve goals. It is shown in his amazing results.


However not everyone is like Chris. I have some clients who will make near enough any excuse to not turn up to the gym. Once they are in the gym they don’t have a choice but to train hard (I am a notoriously cruel trainer at times). However getting them in the gym in the first place can often be hard. It’s the mentality of these people that allows them to talk themselves out of the gym. They know deep down that they really should go, however they convince themselves that their poor excuses to not train are in some way valid.


So what are these excuses? Well the list of excuses I have heard is probably as long as my arm, but there are 3 really common excuses that I hear all the time. Every time I hear the excuse I know that it is usually total rubbish and shouldn’t stop them training. It would never stop me training. So if ever you hear yourself giving one of these excuses to not train, take a step back and really think to yourself, is it really a valid reason to not go and achieve your goals?


Excuse 1 – I’ve had a really long day at work!


This is the most annoying excuse I hear. Yes your job may be stressful. Yes you probably do want to just go home and sit on the sofa and watch TV. Yes the gym is hard work and you just cant be bothered. But who ever achieved anything if they stopped every time they were a bit tired and couldn’t be bothered to try?? Nobody. Being a bit worn out and having a nice alternative of sitting down is NOT an excuse to give up. You cant justify watching TV instead of training just because it’s what you would prefer to do because your job is making you tired. You have made a commitment to that job so you chose to do it. You cannot use it as an excuse to bail out of another commitment that you chose to make. If you set yourself a goal in the gym and you plan to achieve it then you cannot let your other commitments stop you from achieving it. If you are stuck at work until after the gym closes then fair enough, but saying you cant train because you are tired from work is rubbish. Jobs are often stressful. This is a fact. However it is also a fact that training in the gym can release endorphins that reduce stress, light cardio can reduce cortisol and help you to sleep better. All of these things will help you to avoid feeling run down.


Excuse number 2 – I don’t have time to go to the gym –


Yes you do!!! I guarantee that you will not spend your entire day doing productive things that are vital for your personal development. If you wake up, have breakfast, run out the house to work and then don’t stop until you get to bed on the night, 7 days per week then fair enough. However I very much doubt that is the case. For 99% of the public you WILL have at least a few hours of leisure time per week. Most people will spend it lazing around or going shopping or hanging out with friends, maybe even going out drinking. Why cant you sacrifice some of this time to go to the gym? Because the gym is harder than these things. The gym is not an easy leisure activity. Unfortunately you have a goal that you wish to achieve. Nobody ever got their perfect body by watching TV. It is a sad thing that people can convince themselves that the thing they really want isn’t as important as relaxing in front of the TV. The time required in the gym is not that massive. If you have a good diet and you are able to do some cardio at home perhaps then you don’t need to spend an hour every day in the gym. Even 3 hours per week in the gym would be plenty. There is no way that the average person couldn’t find 3 hours out of a 168 hour week to go to the gym.


Excuse number 3 – I don’t have the money for a gym membership –


What a load of rubbish. Granted not everyone has the money for a personal trainer. That is totally understandable. However not having enough money to join a gym is total rubbish. Expendable income is grossly misused in my eyes. Of course this doesn’t apply to everyone but I guarantee 90% of the people who say they don’t have the money for the gym go out and drink regularly, or go to the cinema, or buy take away food or sweets or just random rubbish that they don’t really need. Over the course of a month most people will spend well over £30 on things that they most certainly could have done without. I admit I spend money on things that I don’t need to spend money on. I spent £60 on a night out last week and then £20 at the cinema the following day. The membership at my gym is £17.99 so I could have got nearly 5 months membership for a night out and a trip to the cinema. How can anyone possible claim they cant afford a gym membership? You can find a good gym for £15 per month in London (the most expensive city in England). You don’t have to go to a £200 per month health club to get a good workout.


So if you ever find yourself trying to convince yourself not to go to the gym because of one of these poor excuses, just really think about whether it is stopping you or whether you are stopping yourself.


Moral of the story, no excuses, GO TO THE GYM!!



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