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How many of you are aware about pH? And how many of you are aware how important it is to keep it balanced within the body?

I would say not very many understand what pH is or what can occur when this is thrown out of balance within the body!

Basically pH is the measure of the amount of acid or alkaline in a solution. Water is classed as neutral and has a mid-point reading
of pH7 on a scale that ranges between 0-14 with the lower the reading being
more acidic. As the body is made up of over 70% of water then the body's
acid/alkaline ratio is measured on a pH scale too of which 1 is the lower (more
acidic) reading and 10 being the higher (more alkaline) reading.

The body's balance should be in the region of 6.8 - 7.5.

The body has to continually work to keep this in balance and if this balance is thrown out of synch many issues can occur and some of these
can be quite dangerous to the body.

When the body has a good pH balance the body functions correctly and is able to fight diseases and infections without too much
trouble, however if the balance is compromised this can cause the immune system
to weaken and lower its efficiency to ward off infections, viruses etc.

This compromisation of the pH balance is known as Acidosis and is where the environment within the body is becoming very acidic which can
become dangerous as it weakens the body's ability to function and reduces its
ability fight disease. Basically the high acidity starts the body to break down
at a cellular level and destroys the healthy components within the cells.

The pH imbalance can cause the onset of disorders from milder ones such as weight gain and yeast infections to much more serious
issues as diabetes, Crohns disease, kidney stones, heart disease and cancers.

Generally the majority of people have an acidic environment within their body's due to today’s nutrition and this is why many feel
tired/lethargic, don't have a good resistance to colds and flu's and also
develop allergies. This is because acid reduces the body's ability to absorb
oxygen and reduces the uptake of vitamins and minerals. The lack of oxygen
slows down the body's metabolism and with the higher acid ratio the body cannot
lose weight as easily. If this pH balance becomes far out then the body will
start to take alkaline minerals from the bones to counteract the acidity but
will then leave the bones weak which in turn can lead to osteoporosis.

In order to keep a healthy pH balance and so enable the body to function at an optimum level it is a good idea to keep track of your
nutrition and have a healthy balanced diet. A reduction of foods that produce
acids such as processed foods, beverages such as coffee and soft drinks,
artificial flavourings and sweeteners is a good place to start along with
increasing vegetables that will help increase alkalinity.

As peoples way of life and hectic lifestyles have caused a culture of on the go eating and creation of stress there are supplements on the
market that will help with pH balance.

Some such as greens powdered supplements that are a blend of alkaline forming foods are becoming more and more popular and will help bring
the pH back into balance.

A supplement called Anabolic Designs Ravenous is one which i have found of great benefit to overall digestive functioning and is from the
fitness/bodybuilding company Anabolic Designs. The all natural complex within
Ravenous combines western, Chinese and ayurvedic herbal combinations to gently
work within the body to help with appetite, aid in keeping the digestive system
functioning correctly and also create a good pH balanced environment that will
help keep good general overall health.

In summary -

- It is important to understand pH and how the imbalance can
throw out the body's functioning and ability to fight disease and infections.

- pH imbalance can not only cause minor disorders but can
have severe consequences if the imbalance becomes too far out of acid/alkaline

- Keep a good healthy balanced diet to help keep pH

- Look at good pH balancing supplementation to help bring
the acid/alkaline ratio back to normal levels.

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