3 Reasons Why You Always Feel Tired!

Feeling tired is never pleasant for any of us, yet so many people who live ‘’healthy’’ lifestyles find that they are constantly tired. To counter act this it is normal for people to resort to strong stimulants such as energy drinks and coffee. Whilst I am not against coffee, I love the stuff; I do feel that there is more to it than a lack of energy. Here are 3 reasons why you may find yourself constantly feeling tired.

Food intolerance

Generally speaking people will label a food source as ‘’good’’ or ‘’bad’’ for you. Whilst this might be true for the majority of us some people have food intolerances which they are not even aware of. If you eat foods which your body is intolerant to for whatever reason this is not good for you, regardless of how healthy the macro and micro nutrient profile might be. One of the most common tell-tale signs of food intolerance is somebody feeling tired all of the time. The only way you can distinguish whether this is the cause of you feeling tired is to have several tests with your Doctor. It is well worth it when you consider the long term health benefits you will gain by knowing which foods do not agree with you.

For those of you who will never make the effort, try paying special attention to certain foods you eat which always force you to feel sluggish.

Vitamin & mineral deficiency

You take your vitamin and mineral tablets so this doesn’t make it relevant to you right? Not quite!! The problem is that vitamins and minerals are very important during the process of energy production and many of them are also fat soluble. This means that if your diet is lacking in healthy fats then your body will struggle to absorb the vitamins and minerals you are putting down your throat. Vitamin B for example is very important for sustaining good energy levels and brain alertness, yet if you have bad bacteria in your gut it will fail to be absorbed. Eating a healthy variety of fats such as nuts, avocado, lean red meet and eggs as well as a pro-biotic agent could really help with your energy levels.

Poor Immune Function

If your immune system is battered the chances are you will feel tired. This doesn’t necessarily mean you are ‘’ill’’ it just means that your body is forced to utilise its energy resources to stay well. This will be very draining on the body which will lead to poor energy levels, particularly for those who exercise regularly as well. To sort this out I would point you back to the above point and suggest eating a range of healthy fats along with your vitamins and minerals which will drastically boost your immune system. Make sure you are not over training either because this will lead to the breakdown of your immune function.

If a lack of energy has been getting you down lately I think you might find the above points will help you get through it!

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