Training For The Elite - Adam Gethin Explains Y3T Training

Training in general equates to a very large part of the
puzzle when you are transforming your body, so it makes sense to do it right.
My transformation started just over 24 hours ago and the training system which
I love and trust is known as Y3T. For those who are unaware, Y3T was devised by
world leading trainer and nutritionist Neil ‘Yoda’ Hill. It is only recently
that the public have been lucky enough to have access to Y3T training because
it was initially only meant for Neil’s clients. Anyone who follows the sport of
bodybuilding will tell you Neil’s athletes ALWAYS look amazing and they always
make phenomenal gains – with an overwhelming demand for their ‘secret’ Y3T was
released by Neil for the world to see. Seriously though, what is all the fuss
about? Well, now you find out as I uncover some of the key principles behind
Y3T and why there is no other training system which comes before it in my mind.

What is Y3T?

The nuts and bolts of Y3T include a 3 week training cycle,
variations in repetition ranges and the utilisation of new exercises over the 3
weeks. OK, let me explain a little better in more depth.

Week 1- you stick to a
repetition range of anywhere between 6-10 with a total of 8-12 working sets per
body part. Generally speaking, the bigger the muscle group the more working
sets you do. The intensity has to be Spartan like, nothing else will do! This
means keeping the rest periods between 90-120 seconds, using rest/pause to go
beyond failure.

Week 2 – the
repetition range grows in to the region of 12-18 per set, however the number of
working sets decrease. Typically the number of working sets would be between
5-8 per body part, again the larger muscle groups doing the higher number of
sets. The rest periods remain around the same as week 1, at 90-120 seconds.

Week 3 –
affectionately known as ‘total annihilation’ week 3 is extremely intense and
certainly not for the faint hearted. Before I continue I wish to debunk any
idea that ‘total annihilation’ means that you train without intelligence. Yes,
week 3 massacres your muscle fibres yet it does so in an intelligent way which
is why Neil Hill has enjoyed so much success with his vast client base of
athletes from all backgrounds.

During week 3 the
repetition ranges for the upper body increase to anywhere between 20-30 per set
and for legs anywhere between 40-100! Generally speaking these reps are done in
straight sets; however you will have to use rest/pause to get through the point
of failure. On occasions there can also be some drop sets but to apply advanced
training techniques to an already extremely intense workout you need to
understand over training, and know when enough is enough.

What are the benefits of Y3T?

Without getting all ‘mad scientist’ on you and spieling off
crazy words which sound as though they would fit better in the world of
Astrology opposed to health and fitness, I am going to outline the key benefits
of Y3T. For sure, you will have to forgive me for using some of these fancy
words – the truth is I like to use them because it makes me sound much more
intelligent than I really am, right!!??

Within your body you will have a unique mixture of fast
twitch type 2a and type 2b fibres as well as type 1 slow twitch muscle fibres.
The split between the fibres all comes down to genetics and your training
style, to a degree. For the most part, people who lift weight to build muscle
mass focus on the fast twitch muscle fibres in their body. These are the fibres
which generate a lot of power which means they are suited to you got it, heavy
training. However, as I said earlier within your body you can have a large
percentage of slow twitch muscle fibres as well. In my opinion, it is essential
to train these as well. Why?

There are two forms of hypertrophy, myofibrillar which comes
through lifting very heavy and sarcoplasmic which comes from slightly higher
repetition training. Ultimately, for aesthetics it would be ideal to have a
balance or what I would describe as a 3 dimension look.

Getting back to the point, Y3T works on a training cycle as
we have discussed to help the athlete stimulate both types of muscular
hypertrophy by stimulating all the muscle fibre populations within your

In week 2 and 3 where the repetition ranges are higher you
will almost certainly benefit from increased blood flow into the working
muscles. There is an array of benefits to enhancing overall blood volumisation.
In your body each muscle group is wrapped tightly by something known as the
fascia, and it can be a stubborn little git to deal with. The fascia can be the
main cause of your muscle building plateau because it literally restricts the
room for new muscle fibres to develop. The good news is that the fascia is
flexible and over time by forcing high volumes of blood into the muscle you can
increase the amount of room available for new muscle development.

When fat loss is a primary goal as well as muscle growth I
believe Y3T is the best way to train. The sheer intensity of the workouts help
force the body to expend a great deal of calories. I also believe that due to
the nature of Y3T that fat metabolisation will be optimised leading to accelerated
fat loss.

Of course, whilst I have outlined some of the key areas of
Y3T some of my points are extremely watered down. What I mean by this is that I
have only explained briefly the benefits because if we wanted to talk about all
the science in depth behind Y3T this would not be an article, it would be a
book! Granted, a bloody good book but nevertheless that kind of time isn’t
readily available right now!

Test Driving Y3T

Over the next 12 weeks you guys will be able to watch myself
put Y3T into practise via my daily videos. However, I am going to leave you
with a routine to try for yourself but don’t blame me when you are decorating
the pavement OR gym floor with your stomach contents!

Week 3 Leg Workout

Giant Set X 2-3 – take 2 minutes between each giant set

Leg Press 60-80 repetitions

Triple drop set leg extensions 25-35 repetitions in total

Barbell squats 10-12 repetitions

Dumbbell lunges 20-25 repetitions

That’s it? Yes, it may not seem like a lot until you are
nearly crying half way through the first exercise. The point is, Y3T employs a
great deal of intensity so when you are aiming for 80 reps on the leg press
don’t pick a weight which enables you to get there without stopping. When I do
this, I fail at round 15-20 repetitions and then have to rest for 5 seconds,
and then do 5 more and so on. The quads should be on fire, your hams should
feel as though they are been tickled by broken glass, your calves should feel
as though they are upside down and it wouldn’t be uncommon to cramp in the arches
of your feet as well!


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  • Eric

    Great article :)

    I'm in Week 8 of Kris' 12 Week Transformation at the moment so I've had a chance to experience first hand how awesome the Y3T training system is.

    I have also watched a lot of Gaspari Nutrition's videos so had huge respect for Neil before his training was introduced into the 12 week program.

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