The Skip Loading Menu

Following on from one of my previous skip loading articles I
thought I would write up a list of foods I use to skip load with. There are
some details online from Skip himself on suitable foods, but these are mainly
American and not sold here in the UK (such as Texas French toast – a type of
bread, and twinkies etc).


Kids Cereals – Mainly comprise of sugar and starch with
virtually no fat. Coco Pops seem to be the highest for sugar having checked
most. DO NOT MIX WITH MILK!! Instead make up a choc/vanilla protein shake and
then pour it into the bowl. Hell, even throw in a few spoons of sugar to
further bump up the sugar content!


White Bread/Bagels/Hot Cross Buns etc – white bread has a
very high GI. (No brown bread here)


Jelly Cubes – eat them whole or make a jelly. Either way
they are high sugar and don’t fill you up. A pack is good for 60-70g of sugary
carbs and won’t even touch the sides.


Jam – All sugar. Eat it straight out of the jar or smear it
on bread. Beware – jam is one of the few foods that produced a hyperglycaemic
response for me! I normally eat at least half a jar in my loads which is a
mixture of eating it straight or smearing on bagels and malt loaf.

Honey – All sugar. Pour it on cakes, bread etc to raise up the GI and increase

Maple Syrup – pay a bit extra and get real maple syrup. It will be runnier, and
unlike fake maple syrup will not contain corn syrup or fructose which can bloat
and fill you up. Fake maple syrup is also thicker so it’s hard to eat as much
of it.


Scotch pancakes – a bit like bread. Low in fat and if you
cover in syrup or jam they are a brilliant skip load food

Marshmallows – Again all sugar, no fat.

Pic and Mix/Jelly Babies/Wine Gums – all sweets that are low fat, high sugar.

Sorbet – I incorporated this into my loads from 2 weeks ago. Wow – a bit like
jam in that it’s pure sugar and made me go a little hyperglycaemic. It’s also
very light so easy to eat.

Malt Loaf/Fruit Loaf – low fat and dense in starchy carbs. It can be filling
and although butter is the preferred choice of spread for most you’ll have to
have it with jam/honey or maple syrup as butter is not on the menu for a skip

Weight Watchers Cakes – relatively low in fat and with about 20g carbs, 10g of
which sugars per cake bar.  Chocolate, carrot
cake and lemon slices are the better tasting ones.

Jaffa Cakes – 1g of fat per cake – eat the whole box for over 100g carbs and
only 15g fat!


Rice Krispy Squares – light and easy to eat 4 or 5 in one
sitting! Fat is a little high at 4g per bar… if you don’t want to buy these you
can make your own very easily.


Jamaican ginger cake or golden syrup cake. You can add extra
golden syrup to the golden syrup cake!


Angel Cake – check the labels – some are really high in fat.
Asda do a massive one called “Tea Time Classic” which is 80g carbs, 20g fat for
the whole cake which isn’t too bad.

Low Fat Pizza – Dip in BBQ Sauce or Ketchup to increase carbs and GI. The
cheese and tomato Pizza Express ones are actually low in fat for pizza’s and

Low Fat Crisps – Walkers baked seem to be the best for carbs vs fat (18g vs 2g)
and actually taste like a crisp. I normally throw 2 bags in a bit of baguette
towards the end of my load when I’m going from sugar to savoury.

White Pasta – try and have it with a low fat carby sauce. You can even make a
low fat mac and cheese or low fat lasagne, bolognaise etc.

Low fat oven chips – dip them in BBQ Sauce or Ketchup to increase carbs and GI.
Bung them in some bread for a chip sandwich if you want!


Now for a few controversial choices….


Frozen Yoghurt – it is a dairy product, so I only eat
towards the end of my loads. Its low fat, high sugar… and it tastes so damn
good. I haven’t seen any negative effects of eating this yet!


Smoothie Juice – Skip advises you should try to eat your
carbs not drink them. Mainly because you are feeding your hunger and drinking
will not allow you to gauge how hungry you are. I have a problem with my loads
in that I normally drink 8litres of water a day…. On a skip load day I am already
dehydrated from sleeping and then go straight into the load on waking at
6:30am. By the time I get to 9:30ish I am so thirsty it’s not true… my solution
– drinking smoothie drinks. Unlike water they don’t bloat me. Not sure on the
science, but guessing it’s because they are essentially just sugar and drop
through the stomach quickly as a result. They won’t hydrate, but they do at
least take away the thirst and trick the mind, with the added benefit of adding
in loads more carbs. I got through 2 cartons of these per week in the last 2
weeks and at £2.50 a pop they are not the cheapest option for a skip load!

That is the skip load menu guys, enjoy!

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