The Mental Preperation To Transform Your Body!

There are set guidelines to transforming your body composition such as eating X amount of calories, splitting your macro nutrients in to certain percentages, doing cardio and using specific supplements which will accelerate fat loss. However, there are no set criteria when it comes to mentally transforming your mind ready for a physical 12 week transformation. In my opinion being mentally prepared is not only essential; it can also be the toughest part of the journey. Today I wanted to share some points of wisdom having transformed many people. They all had one thing in common, the mental capacity to see the journey through. If you can get your head around these points I am very confident you will be able to transform your body to new levels beyond your previous imagination.

Hitting rock bottom

Before we get out of context, I am referring to getting so fed up with your physical appearance that you want to get into shape – no matter what!! This provides the stimulus which will mentally spur you on to go through the hard training, food preparation and inconveniences you will face for the next 12 weeks. Without this part of the puzzle I think it is very difficult to achieve a great transformation. For some people it doesn’t mean they are overweight, for me personally I can hit this point when my abs are still fully visible. It is just that I am not lean enough for my liking and it eats away at me until I have to do something about it! Hear that, I said ‘’until I HAVE to do something about it’’ which sounds very final.


Feeling inspired to go through a transformation is great which is what point one touched on. However, knowing exactly why is the real key. The reason for this is that there will inevitably be times during your transformation when you feel like giving up, cheating or having a day off. What will keep the committed ones on track is knowing their why. If you know WHY you are going through your transformation, your true WHY then this will be good enough. To find this, just ask yourself why you want to transform and keep asking why until you cannot simplify it any further – that right there is your answer.


Before you start your transformation the correct planning is essential, and there is certainly a mental element here. You will need to inform those close to you and those who are around you every day about what you are going to be doing. This will make sure that you are happy everybody around you isn’t going to try and pull you off track. In terms of mental planning you will need to sit down, go over the level of preparation which will be required on your behalf in terms of food and gym time and then mentally comprehend it. Without this you are going to be full of excuses and reasons why you couldn’t stay on track at certain times. This will eventually hinder your progress to a point where the 12 week transformation will become unproductive.

Mental willingness

With everything else in place there MUST be a mental willingness to go through the journey and apply all the other mental aspects of the challenge to your day to day life. Let that one sink in a minute. To conclude, if you have the ability to apply all of these aspects into your day to day life for the next 12 weeks the physical results will be amazing.

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