The Gym Saved Me! Andre Martins Talks About Fighting Off Depression & Bulimia

I would like to start this article and thank Adam Gethin for the opportunity to write for and FitMag which for me is a pleasure as I can share my
life experiences and try to motivate or even help everyone who is reading this

Two years ago I  was faced with several problems which all started with my parents’ divorce.
This came like an earthquake at home and me and my siblings suffered a lot
because we never expected it to come like that from my mum. Especially after my
dad had undergone a kidney transplant which is an illness he has had since I can
remember. This was the 1st bullet to come out from a gun which
didn’t stop for practically a year.

A few months after my parents’ divorce we had a lady working for us at home who was a good
friend and during surgery she unfortunately died - this was the 2nd
bullet to me. What made it harder was that the operation was supposed to be
very low risk!

The third and final bullet which really hit me was one of my best friends killing herself at
the age of 16! It came as a huge surprise to me and my friends, and as we had
actually lost another friend who unfortunately died it was very hard to deal

After those 3 situations without noticing I started controlling my food way too much and just
started practically not eating enough for my size. Typically I would just have n
yogurt, apple, then 2 carrots and a chicken breast as my total food intake in
an entire day! At this time I was still playing football and running at home
for 15-20 minutes every day. In a matter of 1 month I went from 75 kilos to 70.
This then made my long term dream crumble - until last year I blamed my coach
for stopping me playing in the team but looking back my performances were not
up to par because I was getting tired after 30 minutes because I was not eating
any carbohydrates.

Failing to reach my dream and play football at the level I desired drove me to a worse place – I
would over eat and then go to the bathroom in secrecy and force myself to puke!
Straight after I would train in the gym for 2-3 hours to make myself feel
better. I was a mess and I was becoming obsessed!

This forced me into a state of depression where I stopped talking to my friends or family for
up to a week. Although I had found a school to do something I loved, which was
learn about cooking and hotel management I still was obsessive with my food

Towards the end of my school semester in May I was slowly realising what I was becoming - a kid
with a food problem and depression which seemed impossible to heal. But this
changed when I met two important people who I can call brothers and with the
nutrition and training help from Kris Gethin Fan Page. One friend is called
Michael Nicholas Mitchell from South Africa a person I have never met face to
face but for me his like a brother as he helped me a lot. He went through a
similar problem maybe more extreme than mine and even without knowing this boy
who was asking him questions he still helped me and gave me guidance on how to
eat and how to think of myself. This was a great help and led to the introduction
to another important friend called Raul Mesa - he was a trainer at the gym I
used to go to and again he gave me guidance.

During my school holidays before I went for an internship in Tenerife he
mapped out a diet which I followed to the T.

Very quickly the changes were noticeable; I went from 68 kilos to around 75 in a matter of a
month. And here comes something important and what helped me overcome my
depression and bulimia.

I started making short-term and long-term goals to help me become happy with myself. I will give
examples not only for who go to the gym but also for the average person. Whether
you are a regular person or not you have the right to feel very happy with
yourself! I don’t believe we came to this planet just to be a number, I think
we should make something of ourselves and not feel like a piece of shit!!

When I started hitting the gym I made short term goals. To begin with I aimed for 75kg, then
80kg and as I was getting my body weight up so easily I set a goal of 90kg! Below
is a photo of me at 90kg, having achieved my goal which took me 6 months


Now I have shared with you what I used as my short-term goals which were to add weight
continuously and just getting to a healthier weight for my height and just be
happier again in general.

As I said I do have a long-term goal - I really want to build a respectable physique that can
take me to America and not only work in Hotel Management but also in the Fitness
industry whether it be as a model, or as just someone writing articles to help
others. Those are my long-term goals and these are what drive me to diet as I
diet without missing a meal and train as hard as I can every time I step foot
into the gym.

Setting goals then don’t only apply to people who go to the gym. As a student I use my
short-term goals such as having good marks and to make friends there, and then
my long-term goals are to have a successful career to help my dad which he is
my all in life. The real person I love, just like my older sister and my older
brother who is going to be a dad making me an uncle for the first time
something I always wished to be.

Then to defeat my depression I also changed certain words and certain attitudes. Instead of
thinking life will just beat me and I’m going to be a nobody I started saying
in my head ‘’I will be someone.’’ Instead of ‘’I can’t’’ I started saying ‘’I
can’’, instead of he is ‘’better than me’’ I would say ‘’I will be better than
him’’, then for me my biggest motivation will always come from my dad he fought
for his life to see me grow so I will grow to be the best person I possibly can.
I wrote all of this down in a paper and everything that made me mad at the time
and I burned it, a suggestion by my friend Michael to me that was definitely a
switch. It was as if my past was left behind being good or bad my present and
future will be better. Here is a quote I love:

“The past is behind, learn from it.  The future is ahead,
prepare for it.  The present is here, live it!!”

I hope my story helps others - I think self-destructive thoughts will never take us anywhere. I learned this the hard
way so by sharing my story I hope to help others. If anyone needs help shoot me
an e-mail: [email protected]  or find me on Facebook!

Right now I’m at 82 kilos and my new short term-goal is to try and reach 85 kilos without any major fat gains. Share your
goal that’s another tip I can give - say to the World ‘’I will be someone’’ and
even if the World says ‘’no you won’t’’ then tell him back’’ F**ck Yeah I

Once again thanks to Adam Gethin and the team at FitMag and for letting me share my experiences. Thanks to
Michael and Raul for being a big pillar in my growth on the course of 7 months
you helped me a lot and with friends like this I will become a better person


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  • Barry

    Very motivating André mate. You hit the dark side and triumphed by coming out the other side a more positive and muscular person. Proud to call you a friend.

  • Isa


    I use to thank you to help me sometimes as a personal trainer, you do it very well.

    Follow your dreams.


  • megan jayne park
    March 10, 2012 megan jayne park

    andre, ive known you since last year, ive worked with you, danced with you, spoke to you, and you are a very admireable person. im very proud of you in my own way. i hope you know that to us in tenerife, you will always be someone very special. te queremos!

  • Waqas Naqi
    March 10, 2012 Waqas Naqi

    Thats the sprit my friend. I am glad to have friends like you in my circle. Keep up the good work. Nothing gonna let you down.

    I have never met Andre in person but he is like a good friend having similar goals . Similar attitude towards life and we love heavy ass weight ;)

  • Michael Mitchell
    March 10, 2012 Michael Mitchell

    You are a superstar my buddy

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