Staying On Track - 11 Super Points

How many of you during your day say ‘’I just don't have the

We are all so busy now with work, friends and family commitments;
social networking and trying to even find time for ourselves – so how on earth
are we supposed to find time to prep our meals?

So you want to take that first step in the right direction
to improving your health, wellbeing and quality of life. You've made the
decision that exercise and proper nutrition is the key and is fundamental to
your success.

Whether you're setting the goal to step on stage for the
first time, getting ready for a special occasion; big birthday, holiday,
wedding or setting the goal to just look and feel your best there a few key
factors that you will need to incorporate into your daily and weekly routine in
order to be successful.

One of the things that I hear is most difficult for many
people who are starting their new journey to health and fitness is preparing
and fitting-in between five to seven meals a day. Nutrition is key to getting
the lasting results you are looking for. If you are not prepared and organised
in the kitchen chances are you will not achieve your desired results.

You may be thinking I don’t have time to make the ‘right’
food choices, prep my food, and eat that much all in one day. However, taking
the time to make the ‘right’ food choices and eat clean is critical to our
success in life. Success in how we feel, how we relate to others, how we
function and perform, etc. You really are ‘what you eat’. Yes, abs are made in
the kitchen.

Eating ‘right’ has a profound effect on how we feel and our
goal with eating 5 to 7 meals a day is to get our bodies not only looking
great, but functioning and feeling great too.

Eating good wholesome food for 5 to 7 meals a day can be
quite a challenge for many, so I’ve included some tips below to get you
organised and make it really simple to eat clean and stick to your plan.


When you want to be healthy and get your food in order for
your diet to work, you need to plan and prep your food ahead of time.

1) Prepare and pack up your food ahead of time. If you have
a busy work life, school run or social calendar it’s best to pack up all of
your food into individual servings so you can quickly grab and eat on the go.

2) Pick a day of the week to prep, cook, and pack up your
food. Sundays seem to work pretty well for me. Think about your meals and plan
them accordingly. Sometimes I will prepare on Sundays and then top up my meals
again on a Wednesday night. It saves time to do a big bulk prep; it also saves
time on washing up and on using your oven frequently.

3) Grill all of your chicken breasts, turkey, lean red meats
or fish, and then after they’ve cooled, you can wrap them in foil and seal them
in Ziplock sandwich bags and refrigerate them. Freeze any meats you have not
cooked if you buy in bulk. If you don’t have an outside grill use a George

4) Scoop out single servings of your Greek yogurt/cottage
cheese into Tupperware serving containers and store in the fridge. You can also
buy the single servings if you can find the plain non-fat. Do the same with
your starches and veggies if you can. Having everything measured and packed
ahead of time is super convenient.

5) Wash all of your salad and put in single serving
containers along with any chopped veggies you like.

5) Measure out servings each of raw almonds and place in
sandwich bags so you can grab on the run. This way you won’t over eat your fat
servings. .

6) Wash all of the produce when you get home from the supermarket
to remove all dangerous pesticides and chemicals so they’re ready to grab and
go. Buy pre-cut veggies to save some time.

7) Boil a dozen eggs for hard boiled eggs to snack on. I
sometimes take the yolk out and fill the centre with a little hummus.

8) Keep some canned tuna around just in case you don’t have
time to prep and cook, you’ll have a fast and ready protein source.

9) Pack your daily supplements and vitamins into ziplock
bags or use spare vitamin tubs.

10) Always take water everywhere you go, I can fit a 500ml
water bottle into my handbag, so there is no excuse for not carrying water on

11) Use technology to help you stick to your meal plan, set
reminders in your electronic diary for when you have to eat. Try to eat at the
same time each day it will soon become a habit.

Buying and cooking in bulk.

Buying bulk bags of foods can work out cheaper per gram. You
can buy 250g bags of almonds and divide these into ziplock bags or small
Tupperware containers for the week. I also bulk buy vegetables and oven cook
big batches of Mediterranean vegetables for the week.

And finally never underestimate the benefit of
supplements.  When you are pushed for
time and have a lot of meals to prepare, the convenience of throwing two scoops
of your favourite protein shake into a shaker can make the difference between
achieving your daily macros and falling short.

These are a few simple tips that may help to get you
started. Remember, this may seem very overwhelming at first, don’t get
discouraged. Stick with your plan, and each day, add a little something to your
preparation. Before you know it, you will have food prep finished for the week.
It will become second nature.

Best of Luck, Vikkie K.

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