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Going through a transformation can be pretty challenging in many ways and one of those points is certainly being consistent with your training. As I type this I am travelling for the next 7 days so my workouts are not the same as usual. This isn’t ideal, I really need to be working off as many calories as possible for the next 10 weeks as well as stimulating my muscles. Unfortunately I have no gym available this week so I need to think outside of the box. Today I want to share with you 3 of the main forms of exercise I will be using for the next week.

Body weight

Currently my body weight is pushing 90kg which is a pretty hefty weight to have to pull and push. Obviously then with my limited resources body weight exercises will feature heavily over the next 7 days. This week I am going to be doing circuits using different variations of the press up, using different angles to hit specific areas of my chest, triceps and even my shoulders. Pull ups will also heavily feature with different hand grips to help hit my back & biceps.

My circuits will be done every other day because the muscles will not be broken down to the extent they would if I was using a gym. Each workout will last for 30-40 minutes with very short breaks between each circuit.


Calorie expenditure is a complete priority for me so high intensity interval training will be something I will be doing on the days I am not doing my body weight circuits. HIIT is one of the most effective ways to burn body fat. Personally, I like to do sprint sessions in the park where I will sprint for 30 seconds, take 90 seconds, and go on like this for 20 minutes.

HIIT is absolutely great for fat loss because it can elevate your metabolic rate significantly for up to 48 hours post-workout. In a nutshell, if you do it every other day you will constantly be burning more calories aright around the clock.


Steady state cardio is something which I will be doing every morning for around 30 minutes. Low impact cardio can help burn more calories within the same amount of time as HIIT and it is also less likely to promote catabolism. My chosen form of SSCV is fast paced walking before breakfast because my muscle glycogen levels will be depleted which means my body is more likely to metabolise stored body fat as an energy source during SSCV.

OK now you have witnessed my plan of action for the next 7 days you should be motivated and reassured that whatever or wherever you find yourself there is ALWAYS a way to keep active. Enjoy your transformation!

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