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Firstly, thank you for being a valued reader of FitMag!
Secondly, a commendation for taking an interest in leading a fitter and happier
lifestyle. This site is a place to go for inspiration, advice, tips and plans.
I hope you can always feel that you have my support!

2011 was a big year for me, taking first place in the
Musclemania British Fitness Model, Bikini, European Bikini and Overall Winner
titles. I can honestly say I exceeded my own expectations! I've learnt a lot
had many downs as well as the ups and walked away with a great sense of
personal achievement. This year I go back in with new challenges and goals to
push myself. So how does it happen? How do we achieve our fitness, physique and
lifestyle goals?

Let's get back to basics. Three vital points to think about
while you're planning your training.


I know everyone says it but you'll need a purpose! There
will be days when you are struggling and wonder why you're up on an early
morning run, squeezing in a lunchtime gym session or turning down the dessert
menu because you've planned your treat for later in the week. You're going to
need an answer.....your definite goal will give you the drive to keep going
when it gets tough and be defiant when someone else tries to lure you off
track. Your goal doesn't need to be bearing all on stage. It's up to you and
what you want to achieve. One person's goal is another's milestone-and vice
versa. Write it down. Create a mission statement. A purpose. If you don't know
your destination, many paths lead there. So look to taking the best path for


Fail to plan? Plan to fail. An old adage that makes perfect
sense. Whether it’s your plan or you're working with someone who plans for you,
know what you're doing and why.

Batman always had a plan......

Write it down, tell people about it, or blog about it. Make
it a statement and keep it clear in your mind. If ticking the boxes as you
achieve each stage works for you then that's what you should do. A good coach
or trainer is a great investment as their support will ensure you don't end up
going backwards, only forwards and closer to your goal. Learn to trust but also
pipe up if you have questions!

My plan is up on my fridge; I go there a lot so I can't
avoid it!!


Which brings me nicely onto help. Don't be scared of asking
for help. The great thing about this industry is that people are always eager
to help the next person, as there is an understanding of the reasons why you're
doing what you're doing. The energy you give out will inspire others and in the
end we are all trying to be happier, fitter people.

When you feel that perhaps you're a little lost or losing
sight of your goal. Sometimes there is no need to veer off your path, just hit
your reset button. Nobody is perfect and it's all just part of your journey! Keep
calm and carry on!

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