Resistance Training is KING For Fat Loss!

When the focal point of your efforts is exclusively on fat
loss it is my belief that resistance training is not only necessary, but
essential. This view of opinion is also shared by most of the world’s top
trainers, and they all utilise weight training to achieve amazing transformations
with their clients – or at least the good ones do. The fact that I personally
crave a physique which is heavily muscled is not the reason why I preach about
the benefits of resistance training specifically for fat loss, my opinion is
purely based on experience with my clients, seeing thousands of people transform
AND the science which is behind it.

So, rather than just take my word for it read on and learn
about some of the key reasons as to why resistance training is very beneficial
to those of you who want to burn body fat.


If you have been trying to burn body fat to no or little
reward you are probably sick of this word! Calories are simply units of energy
which you get from your food. In very simple to terms to decrease your body fat
percentage you need to force your body to burn stored calories AKA body fat. With
that clear in the mind, understanding the rest should be a piece of cake.

Burning calories

Physical exertion leads to calorie expenditure, but there
are several levels of physical exertion. Regular cardiovascular exercise can
burn more calories than resistance training (depending on your application)
DURING the session, but we will touch on this a little later. However, it can
also lead to catabolism which means your body will at some point break down
lean muscle mass for energy.

If you do not want a physique with much muscle you may argue
that this doesn’t matter, but it does. Muscle is extremely metabolically active
which means that just by having lean muscle tissue your body will burn more
calories around the clock. Fat on the other hand is not metabolically active. Common
sense will tell you that increasing lean muscle tone (ladies this means you
too! – think Jennifer Aniston, J-LO, and Jamie Eason) will accelerate your fat
loss goals.

One pound of muscle can burn anywhere between
30-60 calories a day

One pound of fat equates to approximately 3,500
calories worth of hard work and dieting

From that direct comparison you can see that it will pay
dividends to focus on increasing your lean muscle mass. If you were to add 3lbs
of lean muscle around your thighs and glutes this could potentially equate to
an extra 180 calories burned a day before you even start a workout or think
about dieting.

Resistance training & burning calories

Now we have established that lean muscle mass is great for
fat loss, we can actually talk about WHY resistance training itself is actually
very productive where fat loss is concerned. As I touched on before, an hour’s
cardio session vs. an hour’s weight training session may potentially stimulate
a larger calorie expenditure WITHIN that hour. Having said that, I would beg to
differ because using the right resistance training will leave you gasping - but
let’s just say worst case scenario cardio wins over the 60 minutes. Post-exercise
it is a completely different story; in a sentence cardio cannot roll with
resistance training!

EPOC for EPIC results

EPOC is an acronym for excess
post-exercise oxygen consumption.
So once you step out the gym your calorie
burning capabilities stop right? NO! With conventional cardio exercise your
body can still burn calories at a more rapid rate for up to 2 hours. However,
with the correct weight training protocol you can elevate your fat burning capabilities
for up to 38 hours post-exercise! Basically this means that every day for the
entire transformation the resistance training you are doing is promoting fat
loss at a rapid rate.

That my friend is exactly why I insist on you utilising
resistance exercise if fat loss is of utmost importance to you.

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