Nutrition Advice - 3 Points To Consider!

Today we live in a world where there is advice available with only a handful of taps on the keyboard. Whilst this can be amazingly beneficial it can also be a double edged sword, depending on what advice you are fortunate or in some cases unfortunate to fall upon. Today I wanted to talk briefly about the potential issue of following the wrong advice.

Do as I do

Back in school I remember my best mate always having super shredded abs, yet with his own admission his diet was pretty poor. Dan would have a daily ritual at precisely 10:30am as the bell rang for break which consisted of two cookies and full fat milk. Nevertheless, guys who wanted his abs would still beg to see what he ate so they could copy him. The moral of the story is that Dan was able to look good and eat crap because his genetics and active lifestyle allowed him to.

The bad news is that most of us were not granted this level of freedom at birth when it comes to eating and looking good. With that said, this leads me on to my point. Just because somebody has a great look, whether that be the designer washboard mid-section or mountainous muscles doesn’t necessarily mean they are a good source of advice. For the most part you would think they could offer good advice, but just be mindful that some people look in great shape whatever they eat! My mate Dan is a great example, he looked great yet if you or I followed his diet we would probably have a tire opposed to abs!!

My way is the only way

The saying ‘’there is more than one way to skin a cat’’ could never be more appropriately used than in this context. There are people who will claim to know the ‘’best’’ way to transform your physique and it is the ‘’only’’ way for best results. Anybody who talks like this raises alarm bells straight away simply because there is no ‘’best’’ way in my opinion. Every diet could always have gone a little better; any good trainer will tell you that. The point here is that be sceptical of advice where it claims to be anything remotely like the ‘’only’’ or ‘’best’’ way to diet. Generally speaking the best advice is transparent advice, with all the ‘’no frills’’ areas explained as well.

Don’t worry about the numbers

When I read about diets which advise the customer to ‘’not worry’’ about counting macronutrient intake I cringe, there is no way the diet can achieve optimum goals without doing so. Knowing how many nutrients from specific food groups is greatly beneficial when it comes to making alterations, because without any reference how can you make any meaningful changes to progress? The same can be said for calorie intake on occasions, particularly those on high fat diets. Eating as much fat as you want in my mind is not the way forward; keeping a tab on everything which is going into your body is essential.

There are three key points which I have picked up on simply by responding to emails and reading beginners questions on FitForum. When you are picking a diet always be mindful that the person giving advice may just not be the right person to listen to – I would always urge you to qualify them with a few simple questions.

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