Monthly Q&A With 8 Times Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman!

Welcome to the NEW monthly Q&A with 8 times Mr Olympia
Ronnie Coleman! are proud partners of Ronnie Coleman
Signature Series.

1. What is a normal days eating for Ronnie off season?

I eat 5 times a day in the offseason, pretty good meals,
grits and a protein shake in the morning, I have 2 meals of chicken and rice, 1
meal of steak and baked potato and my final meal before bed is a protein shake.
I try to get about 500 grams of protein a day but I don't count carbs.


2. Have you ever thought in your career ''I have had enough, no more''
if so, why and what kept you going?

Never thought that in my career, it’s a hobby for me, I wish
I can go on forever but these injuries get in the way.

3. What injuries have you had and how did you work around them?

Herniated disc, I didn't work around it, I worked through
it, yes I'm that tough, can't no herniated disc take down a tough guy like me!!

4. Have you ever thought about competing in a strong man competition?

I never thought about strongman competitions because there
is not enough money in it to give it any kind of consideration.

5. What inspired you to bring out the Ronnie Coleman Signature Series
and which is your favourite product?

I've always wanted my own supplement line because I wanted
to make supplements that work, none of the other products out there work for me
but all the products in my line work great, they are all my favourites and I use
all of them personally.

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