Monthly Q&A With 5 Times World Strong Man Mariusz Pudzianowski!

Welcome to the NEW monthly Q&A with 5 times world
strongest man winner and professional MMA fighter, Mariusz Pudzianowski! are proud to be online partners with Olimp Sport Nutrition who
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1. What supplements does Mariusz take on a daily basis?

The following supplements are ones which I use every day as
an MMA fighter, when I was competing as a strong man it was slightly different:  BCAAs, amino acids, magnesium, potassium,
protein and creatine. Before training I also take energy boosters.

2. Is Mariusz going to return to compete in Strong Man?

At this present time I am not planning to come back to world
strong man.  I was able to reach my goal
in this discipline (5 world titles) and now I have a new challenge to follow
with MMA.

3. What is your favourite exercise and muscle group to train?

Actually I don’t have any! The workouts I do now must
involve the entire body - MMA requires optimal muscular endurance,
coordination, stability. I’m working a lot on endurance; therefore I’ m running
40-50 KM a week.

4. Which former strong man do you wish you could have competed against?

There is no former strongman I would like to have competed
against. I was competing with many of the strongest men of all time therefore I’m
satisfied.  Now I have a new aim and new
challenge, time will show whether I will be able to reach the top level in MMA.

5. What is more demanding to train for, strong man or MMA?

At the moment I can say that MMA training is more
comprehensive and I must say it is quite hard! This is probably because I’m at
the beginning of the MMA career.
Strongman training was much easier for me but that is probably because
of the 20 years’ experience that I had. So far my adventure with MMA has been extremely
challenging and the training is very tough, but training is what makes tomorrow’s

That concludes FitMag’s Q&A with Mariusz for this month.
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