Making Your Travels Taste Good!

Eating to get in shape and stay in shape should taste good,
it really should. In my eyes there is no reason why you should be exclusively limited
to flavourless bowls of cooked animal flesh which tastes as though it was
boiled 3 weeks ago and bone dry rice. Some will choose to follow this avenue, I
don’t and I don’t think you should either. Having said that time is almost a
priceless commodity because you cannot repurchase it no matter to what depths
your bank account resources stretch to. With that said I wanted to talk about
some of the best tasting food which I will be using over my transformation
specifically for when I am travelling where time is VERY limited.

When you are travelling you have to consider that your food
needs to stay fresh, or more to the point the food you choose to take needs to
have a long shelf life.  Checkout some of
my food and meal replacement choices which not only help me stay on track, but
also taste amazing!

Sport Kitchen QSMs

Sport Kitchen QSMs should be an alternative description for ‘’innovation’’
in the dictionary, seriously I rate them that much. Last month in London I was
on a train and as the coffee trolley went by down the aisle I just grabbed a
QSM from my bag and asked the dude to add some boiling water from the
dispenser. Within 2 minutes I had a super tasty meal, jerk chicken and spicey
rice in fact. So, I was on a train, I was travelling yet I was still able to
enjoy a great meal – and you can to! All of my clients use these during their
12 week transformation simply because I know they won’t have an excuse to fall
off track.

Microwavable rice sachets

Again, 2 minutes in the microwave and I have my carb source
completely ready to go. Just last night I had a wholegrain pilau rice sachet
which tastes unreal and it also contains fenugreek extract which is great for
the digestive system! There a whole load of flavoured sachets you can get which
won’t kill your progress.

Flavoured chicken/sources

This one can go both ways, you either buy ready cooked
chicken which is flavoured or you can just buy a source to add to your chicken.
Not all are suitable for a diet but things like piri-piri source, Mexican spices
and low sugar tomato sources are fine. In my 6 Pack Meal bag I will generally
have with me some sort of low calorie flavouring ready for my chicken.


Nuts taste great and they can be a great source of
nutrients. They are also ultra-convenient so I tend to keep a small bag of
macadamia nuts handy. You can even eat these as part of a meal with something
else, or you can just utilise them as a healthy snack.

It is easy to see where there is a will there is a way,
eating healthy and making it taste good on the road is more than possible – it is

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