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In my opinion one of the most important things about the gym is knowledge. Forget diet, training, genetics etc, without knowledge you wont get anywhere. You cant have a good diet without knowledge on a good diet. If you don’t know what exercises to do or how to perform them then you cant train effectively. I don’t care what anyone say, even with the worlds best genetics, if you don’t know what you’re doing then you wont get where you want to be.


Acquiring knowledge on bodybuilding, nutrition, fitness and general training is now easier than ever. There is an endless supply of information on the internet, so I genuinely feel that there is no excuse for ignorance on these topics. I work in a gym and see countless people training in the strangest and stupidest ways. I spend most of my time correcting them on the most basic of exercises or questioning their exercise selections, rep ranges, workout volumes and almost every other aspect of their training. The problem is that most guys will join a gym without doing any kind of research as they don’t feel they need to. I certainly didn’t. I was lucky though in having a mentor who was very experienced. Most young guys or girls go to the gym on their own or with another friend who wants to tart training and achieve some goals so nobody has that guide to tell them what to do. This is still no excuse for ignorance though. As I will show in this article there are a huge number of different places where you can find information and even ask for personal help in all aspects of diet, training and supplements.


So here are my top 4 places to find information on training, diet and supplements.


Fitmag – yep you guessed it. The place where you are reading this article is the place where you can find the answer to this article. How very convenient. The very fact that you are here shows me that you are not one of the people who are living in happy ignorance so kind of undermines the whole point of the article. None the less I’m happy you are reading. Fitmag provides a massive array of articles on all subjects relating to health and fitness. With a great team of experienced writers there is very little information you cant find on this website. - If you are looking for some more personal information then I seriously recommend you check out fitforum. As well as thousands of threads answering nearly every fitness related question that could ever have been asked, there are thousands of very helpful and knowledgeable members on there that can answer any personal and specific question that you may have. As well as this there are loads of links to good bodybuilding and fitness websites and articles that you may not have been able to find on the internet previously. - If you need to find any information on supplements and don’t know who to ask, just ring monstersupplements. I know many of their team members personally and know that if you have a question about supplements then they WILL know the answer. Monster also has thousands of independent product reviews to give you a good idea of what to buy. If you need to ask a question on how to use a supplement and what diet and training would compliment each product well then the monster staff can also help. They have tried nearly every supplement on the market and can use their experience to help you make the correct decision. My recommendation is to speak to Chris. He is a beast.


Personal Trainers – Sometimes PTs can get a bit of a bad rep in the bodybuilding world as the advice sometimes given can be debated. However since working as a PT my view has changed. If anyone ever asks me for advice I give them literally as much information as I think they can physically take in and use. The other PTs that I have worked with are all very knowledgeable. So if you are in the gym and don’t know how to do an exercise, which exercises you should be doing or even what machines do what, go and ask the nearest PT. They will be more than happy to help and make sure that you are doing it right.


So there are 4 great ways to get information on what you need to be doing. You cannot and will not achieve your goals if you don’t know the basics of training and diet so I strongly recommend reading as much as possible to gain a better understanding of the task you are going to undertake.



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