HIT Your Body Fat With HIIT!

With my 2012 transformation a matter of hours from starting I
wanted to share with you one of my ‘’secret’’ tools which I will look to
utilise. High intensity interval training, fartlek training or HIIT as it is
best known as will be my primary form of cardio exercise. When I am not shifting
heavy lumps of iron around the gym over the next 12 weeks I will be flipping
tires, sprinting, sledge hammering tires or dragging things across my back
yard. Without looking at the science, does that not sound so much more fun than
trekking down the road for 30-60 minutes at a time? Sure, low impact cardio
will feature to some extent but this time round it is HIIT which has got me

Accelerated fat loss

Obviously, fat loss is the primary goal for me during the
next 12 weeks as it will be for all of you doing the same thing. Numerous studies
have shown that HIIT cardio comprehensively beats low impact cardio when
measuring the ability to promote fat loss over any given time. Not only that,
but during the 24 hours post-cardio your body can burn up to 10% more calories
than if you had done low impact cardio.

More. . . .

There are smaller, less known facts about HIIT cardio and
ways in which it can also promote fat loss. It is thought that HIIT can help
elevate the level of proteins in your muscle which are responsible for the
transportation of fats to the mitochondria. For those who are unaware, the
mitochondria is like the digestive system to the muscle cell and it is here
where fat can be metabolised as an energy source. Now the significance of this
point is obvious, HIIT suddenly appears to be a great choice don’t you think?

Muscle Fibres

The human body is a beautiful thing; it has an almost
unmatched ability to adapt to new things. Having said that, what do you think
hours and hours of slow paced cardio will force the body to do? Adapt to
prolonged low intensity training, quite the opposite to hardcore weight lifting
wouldn’t you agree? The result could potentially be a decrease in muscle
density and strength. Of course, low impact cardio does certainly have its
place in a bodybuilder’s life but not too much!

Fun times ahead

How many of you guys wake up and wish you didn’t have to hit
the road or treadmill? HIIT training allows you to constantly change what you
do for cardio. One morning you may do a 20 minute sprint session, the next may
be an MMA orientated circuit and then you may fancy doing a low impact session
the next day. I am a huge believer in keeping your training fun and by having
this level of variation, not only are you maximising your fat burning potential
you are also having a load of fun at the same time, in a twisted kind of way

Applying HIIT

There is certainly more than one way to utilise HIIT, but
here is a good starting point for you guys as a basic criteria to follow.

Week 1-4

30 seconds maximum intensity,
60 seconds rest for a total of 20 minutes

Week 4-8

30 seconds maximum
intensity, 45 seconds rest for a total of 20 minutes

Week 8-12

30 seconds maximum
intensity, 30 seconds rest for a total of 20 minutes

Enjoy the training and enjoy the washboard abs which you
will no doubt have after the next 12 weeks of graft!

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    Did you perform HIIT every day? if so at what time of day? would you do it fasted at all

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