Getting Competitive - 3 Ways To Motivate You!

Having a healthy level of competition in the gym is very healthy in my eyes; in fact it can really help take your training to the next level. Whether you are stronger or weaker than your training partner doesn’t matter because there are things you can do to add some spice to your workouts, which will ultimately bring out the competitive edge within you. Here are 3 ways you can introduce competition into your workouts with the intentions of accelerating your progress!

It is a numbers game

One of the best ways to turn the intensity metre up a notch or two is going wild with numbers. For example, on the leg press have a competition and see who can hit 200 repetitions first with a weight which normally forces them to fail at around 20-30 reps. Whoever loses has to then do a triple drop set on the leg press! This does potentially mean some of you will start cheating to win, but don’t! Remember it is all about getting results and the purpose of this method is to ensure you accelerate your progress with a little friendly competition.

Personal bests

There isn’t a feeling like it when you nail a personal best! Over a 4 week period focus on 3 specific movements which you want to increase your strength on – then see who can make the biggest gains measured as a percentage. This way you won’t be tempted to lift too heavy, it is all about true progress here! Over the 4 weeks you will find your discipline will improve simply because you become fixated on winning this challenge. Point one is a short term goal, as where this is a medium term goal which is great for people who need a little motivation to push harder to get them back on track.

The ultimate 12 week transformation

So progress has been slow aye? That is ok, you and your training partner need to take a before photo and post it on Facebook or somewhere public which will make you feel compelled to improve your image!! As you start your 12 week transformation I guarantee you every workout will be worth fighting for and you will begin to work harder than ever before. This is your chance to redeem yourself having made yourself look bad with your before photo.

Due to the fact this is a long term goal make sure you and your training partner compare progress photos each week as well as your new weights on the same day of each week. If you have a bad week you will be sure to smash your next workout and get on top of your eating habits.

There are three diamonds to get you motivated. Getting yourself motivated to push harder through your workouts could be the answer to the best gains of your life!

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