Beyond Motivation - Craig Rowlands, Week 8

With just 4 weeks left you could say myself and Craig were
starting to feel the pressure, it isn’t long before Craig’s hard work is about
to be unveiled to the world! For the last week Craig has been telling me how he
has felt slightly depleted but he felt his condition was better than at the end
of his last 12 week transformation. When I asked for measurements, he is bigger
in every muscle group and his waist was down half an inch on last year’s 12
week photos. To me, that says it all!

I am very dry bro, very dry indeed

Last Monday Craig phoned me so we could catch up, emailing
never seems quite so personal. Not seeing your client in real life can make you
a little nervous because you are solely relying on their perception of how they
look, and photos off a camera phone! Craig insisted he was in the best
condition of his life, way better than his 12 week photos from last year. Did I
believe him? Yes, but at the same time I was still a little unsure simply
because when you have personally helped someone achieve that you always want to
see the results before you start believing.

I am feeling quite skinny, and I am losing condition

Talk about a rollercoaster week aye, at the start I think we
are bang on and 2 days later I am beginning to think otherwise. In all honesty,
this didn’t concern me too much because I felt Craig was ready for a very high
carb day which I believed would sort this issue of lack of muscle fullness out.

I am sorry, I just cracked and I feel awful!

As we pulled into the car park of the gym with my mind
firmly on smashing my legs with a crazy high rep leg workout, I received a
text. It was Craig telling me he had cracked mentally and he had cheated! It went
on to say he indulged in 4 slices of toast with chocolate spread, chocolate
yogurt, crackers and some other junk. Initially I wasn’t angry, I was just
concerned because just hours before Craig and I had discussed his high carb day
which was due the very next day. Maybe talking about carbs set him off, but the
fact was I wasn’t sure if it would be worth loading the next day or at least to
the extent I had planned. The only thing I could do was ask for a photo update
in the morning with his weight.

Craig, WTF!

Bearing in mind I hadn’t actually seen his photo for this
week yet having being told he was super dry and ripped. So when he sent me the
updated photo, saying he didn’t think the cheat had done too much damage I was
blown away! He looked freaking amazing, so I instructed him to carry on carb
loading as agreed 24 hours before hand.

I am weighing 6lbs heavier

Later on in the day after a few generous carb meals Craig
told me he was weighing about 12lbs heavier, but I told him to check the next
morning for a more accurate reading. The next day he told me his pre-breakfast
weight was 6lbs heavier and the updated photo showed no signs of water around
the waist, just a bigger and more ripped Craig.

Up until this point I have deliberately kept his progress
photos back but today I will share them with you.

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