Beyond Motivation - Craig Rowlands, Week 9!

It is already week 9 during Craig’s 12 week transformation, damn time flies! In contrast, I bet Craig feels as though he has been transforming for the last 9 months!! In the last week there has been plenty of hurdles to get over and times where I have had to reassure Craig. This is just another normal week in the life of a coach and their client, and a good coach will always keep their client on track.

I can eat solid food mate

With my clients I always recommend eating solid meals where possible and limiting their protein shake intake to twice a day, three times at the most. In my opinion this helps limit water retention, improve your metabolic rate, help prevent hunger and it generally satisfies you from a mental aspect. Of course, post-training and either before bed or first thing in the morning I insist on using a protein shake.

As you will remember last week Craig started his new job which meant new working hours and potentially a new eating schedule. Thankfully, he hasn’t had to resort to having shakes all day instead of meals. Mid-morning he is having a solid meal and the only time he has to have a shake instead of a solid meal is pre-workout. This just goes to show, where there is a will there is a way!

I was so nervous

Craig trains in a gym owned by IFBB Pro Lee Powell, and Craig told me Lee actually made him strip off to pose in front of the mirror whilst the gym was full. One guy commented on how ‘’shredded’’ Craig was, as well as being complimented by a world champion powerlifter. This gives a great indication as to just how much Craig has progressed in such a short space of time!

Second thoughts

Craig and I spoke about finishing his transformation a week early because his condition was looking great. Craig then had second thoughts which is why we have decided to finish the 12 weeks, and I think Craig will look better for it. Right now, he is progressing VERY well this week but he does need reassurance from time to time. Craig has a tendency to stress himself out, but the truth is he is progressing so well and I think when he gets his final pictures done he will realise just how well he has done!

You have changed my life, I don’t recognise myself anymore

This in a nutshell is why I love to transform people, the change in their life, self-confidence and health within such a short space of time is crazy! When Craig finishes his 12 week transformation I truly believe it will lay the foundations for a huge movement where we can help thousands of people achieve the very same thing! Whilst Craig has thanked me, I want to thank him for being an incredible client who really sticks to everything at no exception (apart from when he fancies toast with chocolate spread, crackers with cheese and yogurt!!)

Week 10 looks very exciting as Craig is heading down to train legs with me. The poor guy will be struggling walk up the stairs out of the dungeon let alone make the drive home!

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