Beyond Motivation - Craig Rowlands, Week 11

It only seemed like yesterday I read about Craig’s accident
2 years ago where he slipped on an ice glazed pavement and cracked his femur in
two. Then I received an email off him in regards to prepping him for an online
transformation contest, and NOW we are less than a week away from finishing
this thing! It is crazy how time can fly but the key is to navigate which
direction you travel in that time, and that is certainly something Craig can
claim to have done.

Can’t wait to meet you mate

This was a mutual message to one another and all of last
week Craig and I were eagerly waiting for Saturday to come around. Along with
his parents he made the trip down to super sunny Tenby, a small town in West
Wales which is home to the infamous Dungeon gym made famous by world renowned Y3T
trainer, Neil Hill. Although I was in the first week of my 12 week
transformation I was more than happy to hit a week 3 high rep leg workout. The entire
week we shared emails riddled with banter about throwing up, the pain we are
going to be in and words to that effect. So when I arrived in Tenby and finally
got the chance to shake the hand of the guy I was so proud of for turning his
physique around, we were really intent on having a killer workout!! To start
with we hit the leg press after warming up; I led the way with 80 agonising
reps with 200kg. That weight isn’t huge, but for 80 reps it feels like you are
trying to push the world away from you! As Neil has taught me, I insisted that
you must feel cramp through your calves and the arches of your feet before you
give in – this indicates that you are really on the brink of true failure. Then
it was Craig’s turn, and then my training partner’s turn. They both killed
their sets and after we had all done the first set it was clear to see we were
all in a LOAD of pain!

I need to be sick

I am as prone to being sick on high rep legs as David
Dickinson is partial to fake tan – in other words, VERY! True to form, after
that first set I needed to spew so I went outside but I just couldn’t go. So I came
back in, hit the second set for 50 reps with every rep encouraging my breakfast
to come up! After we went on to leg extensions for a triple drop set I managed
to throw up, I felt much better!! I had won the race to be sick, but it felt
like I had lost because I was in so much pain and I felt so rough.

Why does every bloody gym have a stairs after you have trained legs?

This was the first thing to come out of Craig’s mouth once
we left the Dungeon; to me this indicated the workout had been successful. However,
just before we left the gym I had a look at Craig’s condition because I had
never seen him before. Sure, his abs were covered because he was holding water
due to his sodium loading I told him to do. Saying that, there was NO fat on
him! Come day 84, I really think that he is going to win this competition and
if he doesn’t the guy who wins needs to look sickeningly ripped!

That concludes our catch up on week 11, this time next week I
expect you to be looking at Craig’s after photos with the title ‘’winner’’ next
to the photo!


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