Beyond Motivation - Craig Rowlands, Week 10

For the last 9 weeks you guys have seen Craig Rowlands
transform his physique, and I think you will agree when I say the changes have
been pretty dramatic! Just 10 weeks ago Craig had what he would describe as a
soft flabby look which basically means he felt he was a bit of pudding! Fast
forward a couple of months and he looks fit to grace the front pages of a Men’s
Fitness magazine. So what has been going on over the last 7 days during Craig’s
transformation? As ever, quite a lot.

I feel depleted mate

As I keep saying, training someone via email can be tough
simply because you cannot see what they look like in the flesh. Craig was
telling me his condition was great, BUT he did feel slightly depleted. As his
weight was moving pretty easily in the right direction I upped his calories
which actually stopped his weight moving much at all. This didn’t concern me
simply because he was looking GREAT, so I didn’t see a reason why we wanted the
weight to drop that much more.

I have been working so hard, done everything right and I don’t want you
to think I haven’t mate

This was Craig’s message after he realised due to the small
influx in healthy calories his weight had barely shifted, in fact only half a
pound. As I said, this didn’t concern me because there is such a thing as ‘’over
dieting’’ where you lose all your size so I felt this was necessary at this
point. It is part of my job to ensure Craig feels happy and as you can see he
will stress himself out on occasions, but I simply remind him to check his
before pictures out and then look in the freaking mirror!

I am looking super dry to the bone, shredded mate!

Sunday morning Craig informed me not only had he hit his
target which I set him, but that he was LOOKING better. It is one thing getting
down to your weight, but is quite another to sustain and improve your look.
When I saw the updated photo it was clear my super client had done just that.

Can’t wait for the 24th

Craig and I have certainly built up a close friendship over
the last couple of months but we have never met in person, crazy right!! This Saturday
he is making the long journey down to West Wales where I will put him through
the craziest Y3T high rep leg workout I have ever done, with anyone. The on-going
joke between us is who will throw up first, I am betting on Craig naturally. Who
are you betting on? To add to the occasion, another great client of mine will
be joining us as he is 9 weeks into his own transformation. This will be my
FIRST leg work out of my own 12 week transformation which means all of this
will be captured on video for all FitMag readers to see. So get betting, which
one will be keeling over under the stairs of the dungeon with their breakfast pouring
out of their nose and mouth?

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