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Many avid readers of FitMag will either be personal trainers or will want to be a personal trainer. Unfortunately we live in an age where this very title doesn’t mean a lot, there are so many people who are qualified to call themselves a trainer but their knowledge doesn’t. Today I wanted to talk about separating yourself from the field as a top personal trainer. Don’t be misled I do not regard myself as one of the best to ever live (but that is the goal), but I am good enough to constantly get my clients results and to have recently be signed by a very exclusive team in India as a trainer.


I know a LOT of ‘’guru’’ trainers who all do courses on how to become the next best thing, yet the first thing they focus on is marketing. Sure, it is important to get customers but in my opinion the ONLY way a trainer can really qualify their ability is to show results they have achieved with their own body and more importantly their clients.

In my opinion you should as a trainer walk your walk, the method you advocate. To build a name for yourself, start with 2-3 clients FREE of charge and get them into incredible shape. Right away you have a small group of testimonials which you can then advertise via social media sites. Personally, this is the moral way to do things – getting a qualification can only mean so much; you must be able to demonstrate the ability to apply certain principles.


Decide on your own approaches to training and nutrition. There are so many different ways in which trainers get their clients into shape and you need to know which ways you prefer to use. The reason I say this is that you really need to build up a great understanding of these principles. You need to know them inside out and be able to explain to your clients why when they ask. My approaches are custom made, that is my key principle. Having said that I always advocate small and regular meals, I always insist on using Y3T training along with a mixture of HIIT, Cross-Fit and SSCV for cardio. When a client asks me why I am more than equipped to answer their questions as well as justify my requests of them – you should be too! Just to clarify, saying ‘’uhhh because it will make you lose fat’’ is not an answer.


Some trainers want to charge for saying ‘’’yes’’ or ‘’no’’ to somebody on their FaceBook page. In my opinion it is important to have time for people and help them when you can. From my experience when people learn that you are trustworthy, knowledgeable and bloody good at what you do it helps promoting yourself as a top trainer.


To separate yourself from the rest you have to show the world you are the best! What I mean by this rather cheesy statement is work hard, get your clients into shape and then let the world know about it. If you can show people drastic transformations that is all the marketing you need, and be consistent. Over time this will lead to a growing reputation which will keep you very busy.

Social media

I touched on this one earlier, embrace the power of social media. Setting up your own FaceBook page to promote yourself as a trainer, let the world know what you are doing and share some free knowledge doesn’t cost anything. Since I started my page I am not only able to promote FitMag to nearly 1,000 loyal followers I am also able to promote myself as a trainer by sharing the transformations I have helped people achieve.

There are my no nonsense points on how to become a top trainer, and if I had to give ONE piece of advice it would be get people results and then show the world!

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