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Most people who have used supplements will have heard the term ‘stacking’ or supplement ‘stacks’. This term basically refers to the use of more than one supplement in conjunction with each another. A stack could consist of a few different supplements or just 2. Usually supplements are stacked together to try to achieve a goal faster, or to achieve multiple goals simultaneously.

There are many stacks advertised on the market at the moment that have been put together by supplement companies in order to upsell products. Stacks come in many different forms. Sometimes it will be 2 products that do the same thing like 2 test boosters, other stacks may be 2 completely different products like a creatine supplement and a fat burner. These stacks are advertised as being far more effective than using either of the products individually.


It is my belief however that a lot of the stacks available on the market today are simply products put together in order to sell more products rather than being actually about products working synergistically to genuinely give greater gains. It is for this reason that I have decided to write this article to tell you about 3 product stacks that I have used together that have really worked well for me in the past.


AC’s top 3 supplement stacks:


AC’s strength stack – MST Cre 02 + MST Carnage


Millennium sports technologies are an American brand that haven’t yet hit it big in the UK. For me this is absolutely ridiculous as their products are some of the best products I have ever come across. Their entire line of products is innovative, original and better than most competitor alternatives.


The stack of cre 02 and carnage is the best strength building stack I have ever used. Cre 02 is a creatine product that uses an enteric coated tablet designed to keep the creatine 100% stable all the way to reaching the muscle. With 4 forms of creatine and many additional ingredients it is an extremely effective creatine product.


The carnage is a fantastic beta alanine product. Beta alanine helps to delay fatigue by reducing acidity in the muscle. When combined with creatine it works fantastically well in delaying fatigue and aiding strength. The MST stack is the best I have ever used in achieving this goal.


AC’s Fat loss stack – Anabolic designs Tauro test + Shredabull


If your goal is to drop body fat but maintain your muscle mass then there is no better stack than the anabolic designs transform stack. The shredabull is one of the best fat burners I have ever used and I have heard nothing but good reviews on it. The same can be said for the testosterone booster that I would stack it with. Anabolic designs tauro test is a fantastic natural test booster that will aid in avoiding catabolism whilst dieting and also helping you to maintain your muscle mass and strength whilst in a calorie deficit.


AC’s Workout stack – BSN No-Xplode 2.0 + PhD Recovery 2:1,1125g.html[FREE-Blender-Cup-with-wire-ball].html


The tine around your workout is probably the most important time to get the right supplements and nutrients into your system. Post workout nutrition is vital for recovery and growth after a workout. PhD Recovery 2:1 has been my post workout shake ever since it was released. I have never had anything better. It gives you all of the nutrients you need from extremely high quality ingredients.


Having a pre-workout drink will give you the energy and focus needed to have a fantastic session. BSN no-xplode is without doubt one of my favourite pre-workout drinks and gives me fantastic workouts every time.


So give some of these stacks a go and see the benefit of cleverly combining supplements.



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