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We all know that its coming to the time of year were the tops will come off and the abs will be on show. Whether it be sunbathing in the back garden, chilling at a family BBQ or strutting your stuff on the beach, it is likely you will get warm enough to warrant removing your shirt. For this reason the last thing in the world you want is a bit of extra flab. Man boobs and beer belly are not a good look. I personally strip fat around this time every year for my annual summer holiday. This year I’m going to Ibiza so I will be dieting hard to make sure I own he best body on the island (very unlikely but I can hope cant I?).

I have dieted numerous times in the past and have had different degrees of success. This is down to trying different diets, different training methods and different supplements to find the ones that work best for me. After a few goes at it I have found a great combination of all 3 that pretty much guarantee me success in getting ripped. Today I will discuss with you the supplements I have used and shall be using again to drop body fat whilst retaining my muscle.


The main thing that you need to keep in mind when dropping fat and looking at which supplements to use is that no supplement in the world will get you ripped if your diet and training aren’t up to scratch. So for the purpose of this article I will just assume that your diet and training plans are spot on. Once you have the diet and training plan there are 3 supplements I use that will fit in with any diet nicely to aid in dropping fat and retaining muscle.


Here are my top 3:


PhD Diet Whey:


PhD diet whey is a great addition to any diet plan. The reason being is that it is a great quality supplement with a strong nutritional breakdown. With next to no carbs and only good quality fats from flaxseed, this protein shake is a great source of lean protein for any diet. The diet whey also includes green tea, CLA and L-carnitine to aid fat loss and boosting the metabolism. In my opinion though the best thing about the diet whey is that it tastes so good and is so filling. Most whey protein shakes can be drank in 3 or 4 gulps and don’t satisfy your hunger in any way. The diet whey is quite a thick shake so you can make up 600ml of shake and it isn’t watery at all. I sip on this 600ml shake for about 20 minutes to make it last and its so satisfying. The chocolate orange and vanilla flavours are my favourite. They are by far the highlight of my day whilst dieting.


Anabolic Designs Shredabull:


Whist dieting it is likely that the calorie deficit you are achieving will make you feel pretty tired and you wont really want to go to the gym. A great source of calorie free energy is a fat burner supplement. I used these last year in a morning and before training and it gave me the energy I needed to get through the day with no problems and kept me training hard even towards the end of my diet. The shredabull by Anabolic Designs was one of the best fat burners I have used. Not only did it give me energy but it helped speed up my metabolism to help me burn the extra calories I needed to drop fat. The shredabull is a very advanced fat burner and has Growth hormone boosting properties to aid fat loss further whilst helping to retain muscle.


Millennium Sport Tec RPG:


This is one product that I feel is very underrated and should be one of the market leading supplements. Whilst dieting it is likely that there will be times that you will become catabolic and risk losing muscle mass. To avoid this you could have a protein shake or some food containing amino acids. The problem is that they contain calories that you could really do with not having. A great solution is an amino acid drink. The RPG is a combination of BCAAs, EAAs and glutamine. It is virtually calorie free but is an excellent way to avoid catabolism. It fuels the muscle with what it needs without sacrificing your diet. It also tastes amazing. I would mix 2 scoops in with a 2 litre bottle of water and sip it during the day. It helped curb my sweet cravings due to the taste and also helped me to drink all the water that I needed to. I also used it during training as my training sessions lasted longer than usual and I didn’t want to risk losing muscle whilst doing an hours cardio.


So there are my top 3 supplements to use whilst dieting. To anyone about to cut for summer, I wish you the best of luck.



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  • Deb B

    Thanks for this article. I have moved to PHD Diet Whey from a similar product and I much prefer it to any other protein I have tried. Aside from the great taste, it really does fill me up and i have seen excellent improvements to my figure and in training/recovery. I have at least 3 a day. I am now motivated to try the shredabull, but am really interest in what is said about the RPG. That will definately be part of my next order. Thanks again for a really helpful article.

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