Super Fat Loss Circuit For The Ladies with Michelle Parish!

Ever wondered how fitness models get those
lean, sexy bodies? Not everyone has 3 hours a day to spend in the gym. It is
important to remember to train smart, not hard. Everyone has 20 minutes and
that’s all you need to complete this kick-butt circuit and whip that body into
shape. This circuit consists of five sets intense movements completed back to
back with no rest, done twice. You’ll be working every muscle in your body.
Talk about bang for your buck!

Smith Machine Wide Stance Squat

Stand under the bar with your legs more than shoulder and hip width
apart, very wide and keep your toes pointed somewhat outward. Hold the bar on
your shoulders and drop back as low as you possibly can while taking a deep
breath in (pretend you’re trying to squish a bug on the ground with your butt),
but make sure your knees do not fall over your ankles. You want to sit back not
down. Then, slowly rise up into a standing position. Try not to lock your
knees. Complete this movement 10 times and then go straight to the next

2. Mock-Pull-ups on Smith Machine

Put the bar on the lowest setting and lie on
the floor underneath it. Hold the bar above your chest as if you were going to
bench press it, but instead suspend yourself from it. Think of it as an upside
down pushup. Your feet should be directly in front of you, legs straight. Using
only upper body strength, pull your chest up to the bar, then slowly lower.
This will get your upper body strength up until you are ready to do upright
pull-ups. Complete this movement 10 times and go straight to the next.

3. Push-ups

Position your hands directly under your
shoulders with your feet back behind you in a raised pushup position. Make sure
your body is parallel with the ground. Nothing should be poking out. By bending
at the elbows, lower your chest to the ground. In the lowest position if you
are doing this correctly you should be staring the floor in the face. Then,
slowly rise back into the starting position. Complete this movement 10 times
and go on to the next.

Dumbbell Curl and Press

Standing with your feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent; lower the
weights to your lower thigh with your palms facing up. This is the resting
position. Slowly bend at the elbow and raise the weights up to your shoulders.
Keep your elbows tight to your sides and don’t swing. Once you reach your
shoulders, turn your palms outward and press the weights above your head.
Slowly lower to the starting position and this is one rep. Complete 10 reps.

Walking Lunges with Oblique Twist

Grab a medicine ball and step out where you have some room to walk.
Start with both feet together and the medicine ball directly out in front of
your belly button, elbows bent. Take one step forward with your right leg and
bend at both knees until your hamstring is parallel with the floor. Still make
sure your knees aren’t falling over your ankle. Staying in this position, take
the medicine ball and turn your body to the right as if you were trying to get
your right elbow to touch your spine while keeping your legs and hips still.
Return the ball to the starting position and stand up by pushing from your
front heel. Repeat on the opposite leg. Yes, it is difficult but this one
movement will target your quads, hamstrings, glutes, obliques, lower abs, and
shoulders. Complete 10 reps on each leg.

After completion of one full circuit you
can take 2 minutes rest and repeat. If you are doing this at proper pace it
should take about 20 minutes.

These 5 moves will shock your muscles and help your create a great new shape
you’ll be excited to show off when summer comes around.

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