Eric Ogden - Transforming My Physique Saved My Life!

Life for me has never been real easy. Since I was
born, I have been in and out of the hospital for severe health issues. At only
a few years old, I was diagnosed with severe asthma and had problems eating.
Time after time, I was put into the hospital for not eating enough. My parents
tried feeding me food, but I wouldn't take it. The only solution was to put me
into the hospital and have the doctors pump nutrients into me. After that was
taken care of, one would think that everything would start to get better.
Unfortunately for me, things definitely did not get better; things actually
seemed to get worse. I was so small and had asthma, I was constantly having
issues with breathing. There were times at night when I spent hours coughing
and coughing and having problems breathing. There again, I was sent to the
hospital many different times to try and get my breathing under control. As I
got older, my asthma continued to be terrible, but then I began getting sick
extremely easily. My parents took me to the doctors, and they determined that I
had a very weak immune system. For me, then, I basically got sick over the
littlest things.

If someone had a small cold, I would get it and it
would turn into bronchitis and I would end up having to go on prednisone and
other medications to try and get me to get better. After a little time went on,
I seemed to get a little better and things seemed to be picking up. Just like
every other time when I thought things were getting better, something bad would
happen and I would end up with massive amounts of medication and unable to have
fun. Because of these problems, I was unable to go to school. At first, I tried
going to elementary, but because I was constantly sick, I was missing too much


After a few years of me missing a lot of school, my
parents and the doctor decided that I needed to be home schooled. Even though I
was home schooled I was always wishing and wanting to do something with my
life. Since I was very little I was very fascinated with running and I always
wanted to be an Olympic runner. I was constantly running, well attempting to,
and doing little things to make it look like I was an “athlete”. During the
time of me being home schooled, I had moments where things seemed to actually
get better. But, as times before, I was always scared to get my hopes up. There
were times, though where I would actually be well for a period of time.

After a while, I seemed well and the doctor released
me to go back to school. In the sixth grade, I was going back to school, but
once again got sick many times and had to be put back into home schooling.
During this time I spent many hours wishing I could go back to school and be
like a normal kid my age. My parents went to many lengths to make life as
normal for me as they could. At times they would spend many hours helping with
my projects for school. After a few more years of home schooling, my health
actually seemed to get better. The doctors were able to find medications that
were working and were beginning to get me stable. As I started back to school,
many kids came up to me and asked if I was a new student. I had to reassure
them that I was only returning from being home schooled and that I was once
their classmate. There were also others who came up to me and did not remember
who I was. They would come up to me and say they had thought I was dead and
thought they’d never see me again. This, as you can imagine, for any 13 year
old would be a huge let down. Thinking that people thought I was dead, hit me
very hard. I didn't know what to say to people when they said that to me. I
just told them that I was back now and that I was doing better.

During the next few years of me being in school,
things were going quite well. It had seemed that my asthma had gone into
remission and that all was well. In the 9th grade I wanted to go for my dream
of becoming a runner. I was one of the faster runners in my grade and my asthma
seemed to not be affected by my passion for running. Unfortunately, just like
everything else in my past, I ended up having another problem pop up and
destroy my dream. During my first track meet, I was set to run the 100 meter dash
and the 200 meter dash. I ran the 100 meter dash and did fine, then after a
little while I was getting ready to run the 200 meter dash. I ran about half
way in the event and completely passed up. I fell to the ground not having any
idea of what happened. I woke up and could hear people cheering for me to
continue. I shook off the fact that I had passed out and continued running and
then completed the race. My next meet a few weeks later, I ran the same 200
meter dash and passed out again for no apparent reason. My parents took me to a
heart doctor and they hooked me up to a 24 hour halter monitor, to see if they
could find what the problem was. Unfortunately, the doctor was unable to find
any problems… Then I heard the worst news of my life. “I don't think you should
ever run, vigorously, again.” That was a huge blow to me and my life’s goals. I
wanted to be an Olympic runner. What was I to do with my life now, is something
I thought all too often.

My brother had a weight set in the basement. The old
weight set that was made of plastic covered concrete. Once I started lifting
weights, I fell in love with it. I couldn't stop doing it. I found myself
getting home from school, finishing my homework and then working out. This was
becoming an entire new passion for me. After some time went on, I was able to
graduate high school and move on to college. Throughout college, I worked full
time and had a very busy life. I began to stop working out as much because of
time constraints. My job was a desk job and I sat all day, then came home and
watched TV while eating dinner. I was becoming pretty thick around the mid
section. I am only 5’-7” and just about weighed 200 pounds. I decided to start
working out again. This time I started to pay attention to what I was eating
and make sure to do some kind of cardio.


After a few years, I lost some weight and got down to
the 170’s . I was still a little pudgy, but was proud of my weight loss. All of
a sudden I started to completely fall in love with working out again, just like
when I was little. I gained that passion back. Not to mention, without working
out I would have surely gotten back into a stage of sickness and maybe would
had never made it to where I am today. Working out helped to strengthen my
lungs, heart, and immune system, making my asthma and health problems more
stable. I made it a goal with my wife to start a 24 week transformation.


That was it; I finally made the decision to completely
change my life. I thought about how hard it was when I was younger and thought
that all my life I have had doctors telling me I can’t do something and that I
would never be able to be normal. I thought to myself how important staying
healthy was for me and I wanted to make it a change for life and not just a
phase, now I can honestly say it has saved my life.




With my workouts, I have learned through many years,
hours, practice, learning from online, and (FitMag)
that the best way to gain muscle is to make sure you are always reaching
failure and keeping good form. So throughout every workout I am always making
sure to slow my movements and keep good form while reaching absolute failure.


Legs (DAY 1)


  • 5 minute cardio warm up
  • Squat (10-12 x3)
  • Dead lift (10-12 x3)
    • Leg press (10-12 x3)
    • Leg extensions (10-12 x3)
    • Standing calf raises (x60)
    • Donkey calf raises (x60)
    • 30 minute cardio


Chest (Day 2)


  • 5 minute cardio warm up
  • Incline bench press (10-12 x3)
  • Flat bench press (10-12 x3)
  • Decline bench press (10-12 x3)
  • Cable flies (10-12 x3)
  • Dumbbell flies (10-12 x3)
  • 30 minute cardio


Arms (Day 3)


  • 5 minute cardio warm up
  • Skull crushers (10-12 x3)
  • Over the head cable triceps press (10-12
  • Triceps press down (10-12 x3)
  • Bench dips (absolute failure)
  • Standing barbell curls (10-12 x3)
  • Dumbbell curls (10-12 x3)
  • Spider curls (10-12 x3)
  • 30 minute cardio


Shoulders (Day 4)


  • 5 minute cardio warm up
  • Behind the head military press (10-12 x3)
  • Arnold press (10-12 x3)
  • Lateral raises (10-12 x3)
  • Reverse rear cable flies (10-12 x3)
  • Standing front barbell raise (10-12 x3)
  • Standing front rows (10-12 x3)
  • 30 minute cardio


Back (Day 5)


  • 5 minute cardio warm up
  • Standing bent over rows (10-12 x3)
  • Seated rows (10-12 x3)
  • Dumbbell rows (10-12 x3)
  • Lat pull down (10-12 x3)
  • T-Bar rows (10-12 x3)
  • Pull ups (Failure)
  • 30 minute cardio


Rest (Day 6)


Rest (Day 7)


Age: 25 (red shorts)

Height: 5’-7”

Weight : 176 lbs

Body Fat: 20%

Waist: 34”

First day

of 24 weeks


Age: 25 (grey shorts)

Height: 5’-7”

Weight : 166 lbs

Body Fat: 11%

Waist: 30”

Last day

of 24weeks









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