4 Pronged Attack On Cravings!

Going through a 12 week transformation doesn’t sound like
much of a big deal does it? However, when you convert that time into 3 months
or a quarter of the year it suddenly sounds a very long time! Trust me, it will
feel like a long time and the best way to prevent it from feeling like a long
time is to be prepared. More specifically, being prepared for your cravings
because believe me they will pop up somewhere along the line. Below I will
share my 4 pronged attack on cravings which I use on my own transformations.

Know your limits

Have you ever (I am sure you have) during your diet racked
your brains to see whether or not a certain food can be justified? For example,
you have just got back to the house following a brutal leg session and on the
side is some homemade carrot cake. In this instance, you may try and reason
that the high GI sugars will help replenish glycogen levels therefore a small
slice wouldn’t hurt. By mentally setting boundaries it becomes much easier to avoid
scenarios like this – know what foods you are allowed to eat and if the food
you have taken a fancy to doesn’t feature on the list forget it! This is a very
simple way to eradicate any mental games which will eventually wear you down.

To point out, I do understand that the sugars in the carrot
cake could help replenish glycogen levels here but we are after optimal fat
loss so no junk please!

Know your weaknesses

Everyone is different, for me I miss chocolate very badly as
where my girlfriend would miss something like a Sunday roast more. Whatever it
is you crave the most think of a way to replace it with a healthy option. For me,
I have quark cheese with peanut butter and chocolate protein powder before bed!
That doesn’t just nail my cravings into the ground it also gives me a very nutritionally
sound meal. Knowing what you will miss before you start will help you be
prepared for the moment you start to dream of that food.

Use flavour

One of the worst things you can do is alienate yourself from
flavours where by you are eating chicken and rice and nothing else. There is no
reason why you cannot have a little salt & pepper, some spices (things like
cayenne pepper are a natural thermogenic aid) and I always add peppers,
mushrooms and onions to my meals to add taste. This really helps break up that
mental state that you are ‘’dieting’’ which can sometimes be mentally draining
on you.

Be the master chef

Don’t just settle for bland meals, use the ingredients you
need for your diet and cook up some lovely dishes. Things like potato wedges
with lean steak and a homemade tomato and onion sauce really hit the spot for

There are 4 points I always keep in my mind when I am


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