What Does It Take To Transform?

With my new and improved 2012 transformation around the corner, I reflected back on last year and wondered what it really took to achieve a great transformation. Sure, it required the right knowledge but that is only half of the battle. To help any beginners who are about to embark upon a similar journey, I wanted to share with you some points which I believe are essential if you are going to achieve a successful transformation!


Do you have full control of your day to day life; are you able to make sure the right food is always available? If not, you need to address this because you will be up against it before you even start otherwise. Controlling your environment is essential if you are going to blow people away with your transformation this year!


Are you the type of person to get frustrated after the first week because you are not shredded and jack it all in, but then restart again? This kind of yo-yo approach won’t work; you have got to be persistent in reaching your goals.


Earlier in the week you will have read my article, ‘’consistency is king’’ and this goes hand in hand with persistence. Don’t think you can have a few days of eating right and then expect miracles, transformations can take time and they require you to do every 100% for the entire journey. Fail to be consistent and you will fail full stop.


This one almost goes without saying, right? Obviously, there is a degree of motivation already present if you are considering a transformation. However, don’t mislead yourself in thinking it will be easy mentally. It can be a complete and utter mental challenge just to do the cardio, prepare the meals, resist temptation as well and on top of that you are going to have to smash every workout with all you have got! Channel your motivation with things which inspire you, or even perhaps fire you up like people doubting you for example.


To transform, you have got to be armed with a plan. This plan will map out what kind of nutrients you are going to be eating, in what quantities and at what frequencies. It will also pave the way for your training. Having a plan is essential because you have something to work to, without one it is very easy to justify doing things you really shouldn’t simply because there is nothing in black and white to tell you it is wrong! At the same time, be open minded and be willing to alter the plan as you progress if it is required.

There are 5 very strong points which I feel are completely necessary for beginners looking to complete their first transformation. Don’t underestimate the power of the above points.

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