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It goes without saying supplementation is very important to athletes whatever the goal, supplements will always help you progress faster! There is such a diverse range of supplements on the market that you need to know which ones work best at what time of the day. Today I wanted to discuss the must have supplements specifically right before, during and after training. If done right, you can make amazing gains by using the right supplements around this time of the day!


Time after time you will read about the importance of BCAAs, and in my opinion there are never too many articles to drive this point home! In short, they work as the building blocks to the muscles providing the ingredients your body needs to manufacture 8-10 essential amino acids which it cannot without BCAAs.

Application – take 6g 10 minutes before training, 6g during training and 6g immediately after training.

Recommended Brand – PhD BCAA 195 Caps


This amino acid is one of the very best supplements any athlete can take, and it is especially important around the time you train whatever kind of exercise it is! In short, L-Glutamine helps increase the rate of protein synthesis within the muscle and acts as a muscle volumiser leading better nutrient uptake within the muscle. It really is a must supplement for optimum recovery as well as muscle growth.

Application – take 5g 10 minutes before your training and 5g immediately afterwards.

Recommended Brand – Reflex L-Glutamine 500g


For any athlete looking to maximise muscle size, growth, strength, power and recovery they should be using a creatine product. Today, the new innovative products known as intra-workout creatine products have really carved a name for themselves. What these products do is use a combination of a creatine blend, protein, amino acids and fast digesting carbohydrates to replenish the muscle with glycogen and ATP. In turn this leads to faster recovery, prolonged levels of strength and increased muscle volumisation!

Application – sip on ½ serving during the workout and another ½ immediately after your workout.

Recommended Brand – Gaspari SizeOn MAX (Gaspari were the brand who formulated the very first intra-workout creatine supplement and they have the best product in this category today!)

Nitric Oxide

Before you hit the gym you want to make sure your muscles are primed for growth and performance! Using a nitric oxide supplement will increase the level of N.O within your blood, leading to the vasodiolation of your capillary network. As a result you should experience improved blood flow into the muscle, leading to great muscle pumps, faster recovery, prolonged muscular endurance and even enhanced levels of strength.

Application – take 1 serving 30 minutes before your workout.

Recommended Brand – PhD V-Max Pump

Recovery Drink

Immediately after you train your body enters what is know as the ‘’anabolic window’’ which is simply an opportunity to feed your muscles what they want! At this point in time your muscles will be depleted of glycogen and they are very receptive to the right nutrients. With that said, it is important you take a recovery supplement instantaneously. Taking a supplement which has ultra fast digesting protein and carbohydrates at a ratio of 2:1 with the protein being the lower percentage will ensure your muscles are flushed with nutrients. As a result your muscles are able to begin the recovery process very quickly and begin to grow!

Application – take 1 serving immediately after you finish training.

Recommended Brand – CNP Pro-Recover

There is the supplement stack I recommend you use in and around your workouts! The difference you will see in recovery, growth, endurance, strength and power will be amazing!

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