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As most of you may be aware, RTD stands for ‘ready to drink’. These are supplements (usually protein shakes) that are pre-mixed and prepared so that you simply open them up and drink away. They are extremely convenient and useful for anyone who is out on the go and needs a protein shake or supplement but doesn’t have access to the necessary requirements to mix up some powder in a shaker.

I used to run the monster supplements physical store back in good old Hull. During my time there I had a fridge installed so that we could sell RTDs in store. This was the start of my RTD addiction. Due to the fact that I was the only one in the store for some periods of time I didn’t have the opportunity to run to the back of the store to make up a protein shake. It was for this reason that I started to just buy the RTDs out of the fridge. I don’t know what it is about RTDs but for some reason to me they taste so much better than shakes that I make myself. Even if they are the same product and brand. They always have a perfect consistency, no lumps and bits floating around in them, the flavor is always perfect and due to my incredible laziness I thoroughly enjoyed not having to shake anything for 2 minutes.


After working my way through all of the RTDs that we had in the fridge it was time for a stock replenishment order. It made sense that I replenish the fridge with new and different RTDs to see if they sold any better than the last lot. Over the 18 months I was in the store I must have tried near enough every RTD on the market. It is for this reason that I feel I am in a strong position to give my opinion on what the best ones are.


RTDs come in many forms. They can be a relatively big bottle of protein shake like the multipower 50g protein shakes or they can be a tiny little shot like the dragon shots. You can have pre-workout RTDs, carbohydrate drinks, meal replacements or pure whey isolate juice drinks. I will give my opinion on the best of each category.


Mass gain RTD – Multipower Fit Protein

The fit protein is a great shake with a strong nutritional breakdown. 50g protein and 50g carbs combine to give around 420 calories. It tastes amazing and is very reasonably priced for what you get.


Protein shake RTD – USN Protein fuel

The USN Protein fuel RTDs are a brilliantly handy protein shake. With 25g protein per shake in a handy small bottle they are a perfect shake for on the go. It’s a relatively small shake that can be drank in seconds. It also tastes fantastic and has a great consistency.


Pre-workout RTD – Dragon shot Pre workout

The Dragon shots are a fantastic little supplement that are extremely handy on the go. If you are out and about and don’t have the time to make a pre-workout or you just don’t have access to water a shaker and your pre-workout powder then the dragon shot is perfect for you. You can carry it wound in your pocket without noticing then down it with one mouthful before you train. The taste is extremely strong but pleasant.


Protein shot – Dragon protein shot

The dragon protein shots are again an extremely handy supplement for on the go because its so small and easy. You can carry a couple around in your pockets all day and they are of no inconvenience at all. They have a decent amount of protein per shot and because of their size you can down it in one mouthful. They are in my opinion a great pre-workout protein source as they are in no way filling like a normal shake so wont make you feel bloated or nauseated during your training session.


Pure protein RTD – PhD Whey Zero

This product has to one of the most eagerly anticipated (by me) supplement in recent months. I was lucky enough to try this product a few months ago at a phd open day and I have been looking forward to its release ever since. This product is one of the nicest tasting supplements you will ever try. It isn’t like a shake, but more of a juice drink like a lucozade so the consistency is great and very enjoyable to drink. It boasts 40g protein per serving with no carbs or fats so is perfect for anyone on a diet, trying to drop bodyfat or just in need of more protein in there diet without the additional calories of carbs and fats.


So these are my top RTDs. If you are a busy person on the go all the time and you need your protein or pre-workout fix then I recommend any of these products to include in your supplement plan.




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