The unattainable body

Today I have done something that I never thought I would be privileged enough to do. I held a fitness and nutrition seminar to aspiring models and winners of beauty pageants. There were some top names in the world of modeling and pageantry and I had to tell them how to ‘look good’.


You see normally it would be extremely easy for me to advise someone on dropping body fat, gaining muscle, training for certain goals and achieving a fit looking body. However this was not what they were looking for. The description I was given for how the girls were supposed to look was ‘long and lean’. Now the term ‘long’ confused me enough as they wanted me to somehow stretch the girls. I came to the conclusion that they wanted a sleek, slim but not muscular look. I did a bit of research and I realized that what they were looking for was very unique and had to be perfect. It made me realise that to train for these particular goals was going to be extremely difficult.


For example they had to have a perfect curve shape. If someone naturally has fat stored on their obliques then they don’t fit the bill. If someone’s legs are too thin but their shoulders are too muscular then it wont work. This list is obviously extremely long as there is a perfect criteria that all of these girls must fit.


So the mission of the day was to tell these girls how to adjust their own personal body shape to fit this perfect mold. This was incredibly hard. All of the girls had different body shapes, different body types, required different diets, would genetically put on muscle easier or harder than others and so on. There was no way I could advise all of these girls in 45 minutes.


In the end I just gave them all my card and told them all to message me for personalized plans. The information I did give them was good but there was no way that I could cover the complex information required to achieve such an accurate result in 45 minutes.


This got me thinking about todays article. If you have a perfect figure or physique in mind then how will you go about achieving it? If you really do know the perfect body that you want then CAN you even achieve it? I personally think that as long as genetics allow it (ie your bone structure and muscle shapes are similar) then you will achieve the physique you want.


The advice that I gave these girls is that they needed to find out these things in order to start:


The body fat level you need to achieve.

The muscles that you need to increase the size of.

The muscles that you need to decrease the size of.

The areas that you need to develop shape.

The diet that you will follow.


You will need to plan a training programme that will allow you to achieve the goals you set in all of these areas. This is extremely hard. It may take time some time to figure out exactly what will work for you in achieving the goals set.


What I am trying to say with this article is that achieving the perfect physique that you see in a magazine or on the internet or anywhere really is extremely hard. Trying to achieve something that your body isn’t naturally suited for is a goal best left alone in my opinion. Spending too much time focusing on changing minor details when you could be enhancing everything that you have will not be very productive in achieving a good physique. Set a goal in mind of what YOUR body could look like over a certain period and aim for that. Don’t use other peoples expectations of a perfect body or even other peoples bodies as your goal as more often than not it will be unattainable.



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