The Tricep... Is it the new Bicep?

One of the many downsides of becoming a larger than average, muscular guy is that every once in a while you will get the cliché “Show us yer muscles” comment from random people wanting to admire or sneer at your large arms. The usual meaning behind the ‘show us your muscles’ comment is “please show us your biceps”. It is just widely accepted that guys with big biceps are muscular guys. It is the most commonly known muscle to the masses and the one that you are judged upon if you go to the gym.


This does only apply to the general public though. Once you start going to the gym you soon realise that the bicep is actually not all that important. Bodybuilders are far more likely to give you credit for having big calves, rear delts or upper chest. The bicep tends to fade into insignificance as true trainers will know that it is generally trained as a muscle for show by newbies in the gym.


It is for this reason that I started to wonder, if the bicep was losing favour with the bodybuilders, but big arms were still important, then surely the triceps must be a muscle of great significance.


It is my opinion that a big tricep will make your arm look far more impressive than a big bicep. When your arm is hanging relaxed down by your side and you have a massive tricep on the back of it your arm will look incredibly impressive.


Take a look at some bodybuilders with awesome triceps:



Another incredibly good thing about big triceps is the strength you get with them. Triceps are a key muscle in all pressing movements so if you want to lift heavy on shoulders or chest then big, strong triceps are a valuable asset.


So how do you develop massive triceps and get that awesome horse shoe shape to the back of your arm. Well you will need to hit all 3 heads of the triceps by using a range or exercises. Using different rep ranges will also help to stimulate different muscle fibres and develop strength.


So here is my ultimate tricep workout for massive arms:


Tricep cable pushdown – 5 x 10 reps

You are going to start on an isolation exercise to warm up the muscle. You wont be going to maximum on every set but should be struggling by the 10th rep of each set.


Weighted dips – 3 x 5

The next exercise is the weighted dips. This is a great compound exercise and a fantastic way of putting a lot of weight on the triceps


Decline close grip smith machine bench press – 3 x 8

Close grip bench is a great tricep exercise. Doing them decline puts more of the weight directly on the tricep and allows for a better driving force. The smith machine allows for more control of the movement and more ability to drive the weight up with force.


Overhead dumbbell extension – 5 x 8 reps

This is my favourite tricep exercise. The stretch that you get at the bottom of the rep is fantastic and it really brings all 3 heads of the tricep into play to lift the weight. You can use relatively heavy weights with this and the DOMS this exercise gives you is unreal.


So that is the all round killer tricep workout. Give it a try and when someone asks to see your muscles give them a nice big side tricep shot.



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