The sacrifice of success

I must start this article by addressing the obvious glaring problem with my writing this in the sense that I have not tasted the sweet success of winning a bodybuilding show, or a gold medal in any sporting event, or even triumphed over a well ranked foe in an admirable encounter. However I have sacrificed a lot to achieve my own personal successes both in life and more relevantly in my training. I have also been friends with, trained and met many top bodybuilders, athletes and top sports men and women who I know for a fact have sacrificed a vast number of things in search of their own chosen success.


This article is basically going to be written to educate the people who are just starting the journey exactly what is in store for them. Many people will simply shrug their shoulders and decide that they think they want to be a bodybuilder, or an elite athlete or anyone who is at the top of their game. As though it is an easy thing to do. I have come across fat, out of shape guys stating openly on social networking sites that they are thinking about becoming a bodybuilder and that ‘it cant be that hard’. Well let me tell you… It is.


As stated before I am not a competitive bodybuilder so to any bodybuilders out there please don’t for a second think I am trying to claim that I have lived your lifestyle to the degree that you guys have. I do know that you cannot simply decide one day to become a bodybuilder. Without the passion and the determination to be the best, you simply will not be willing to make the sacrifices needed in order to succeed.


I will talk about what is needed in order to achieve even the easiest of physical, aesthetic or performance based goals and what you will need to sacrifice to get there.


Social life – The first thing that will be sacrificed on your road to a better body or first bodybuilding title is your social life. Alcohol has so many negative effects on muscle building and fat loss that it isn’t even worth counting them. Going out drinking regularly will put a halt to your gains faster than you can say catabolism. So no more parties or wild nights out. This is just the beginning of your dwindling social life. If you are dieting for a competition or you need to be in perfect shape for a holiday, photo shoot or anything that requires it, you wont be able to go out for meals with friends. Your diet will be so strict that going out for a pizza would be too detrimental. You will therefore miss out on many social occasions with your friends. To finish it off, just incase you are on a cheat day and you are able to go out for a meal, you cant stay out too late as you need your rest for training tomorrow.


Relationships – This part does not apply to everyone but certainly many dedicated bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts I know would happily admit it has put great strain on many relationships. If you don’t have a partner who knows exactly what you are going through with diets, training every day, being constantly hungry, being tired, aching like mad from a legs session and being forced to keep your entire life so strict and organized that it drives you mad, then I can guarantee there will be problems in your relationship.


Financial sacrifices – Training is expensive. If you are really willing to pay for the perfect body then be aware it will cost more than you would ever care to think. I personally think I have spent over £3000 on supplements alone. Never mind the incredible amount of food, gym memberships, training accessories, training clothing, petrol to and from the gym, and everything else required to train as regularly as I need. Many thousands of pounds have been spent on my body and to be honest I think I want my money back. If you are considering bodybuilding be aware these costs will be far higher. There are far more costs the higher you get on the ladder of success.


So consider these things as they are very important. However if you do decide that you are willing to accept these sacrifices and think the end goal is worth it. I personally did this and I’ve never looked back. Always stay positive and know that in the long run, everything you give up will be worth it. Good luck.



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